SANTIAGO is a multi-part adventure path set in a future western-style sci-fi universe.  The adventure path covers the Heroic and Paragon tiers, taking players up to Level 20, and includes all the new classes, feats, and other rules needed to play D&D 4th Edition in a sci-fi setting.

SANTIAGO is based on and used under license from the novel Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future by award-winning sci-fi author Mike Resnick.

The player characters begin as bounty hunters, hunting down wanted criminals on the Inner Frontier of the galaxy, a long way from Deluros VIII, the huge capital world of the race of man and the nerve center of the Democracy.  But soon they will take up the ultimate challenge, and race their rivals to find the biggest prize of all - the arch criminal known only as SANTIAGO.  Throughout their adventures, they will meet colorful characters, rival bounty hunters, alien races, and more as they follow their target's trail across the Inner and Outer Frontiers.

The adventures: