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2nd Edition to 3rd Edition Conversions:

  • Welcome to the 3E Conversions page!  This is the entryway to a library of documents that converts specific 2nd Edition AD&D works (or older editions) into 3E D&D compatible format.  There are three main sections of this Conversions site:
    • The main Conversions page (this page) contains news about the conversions project and announce when new documents have been posted.
    • The D&D Conversion Library page is the master library of documents that have been completed, with links to the documents in common cross-platform formats (.txt, .rtf, .html, or .pdf) for easy download.
    • The Guidelines & Templates page contains suggestions for submitting documents (there aren't many requirements, and they're easy to follow) and a template that can be used for submitting documents. 
  • If you've converted something and wish to submit it, feel free to drop me a line!

Conversion News:

We wholeheartedly encourage anyone to go through and make whatever conversion notes for various products they'd like. Just don't OCR the entire product in with those conversions and make the entire product available. Make them notes that can be used with the product, not a complete reprint.

We'll be releasing all of the older, out-of-print game materials over the website at some point in the near future. Some of these products will be available for free, while others will be pay-for downloads or subscription-based (your choice).
You're free to make the conversions and include the entire text of the free products available. For the pay-for products, we ask that you stick with the conversions.

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