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  1. Yandere Simulator - New Rivals Removing Method


    Yandere Simulator has added a new, friendlier elimination method to its array of rival-disposing abilities. By learning about a rivalís life and doing a great, life-changing deed for them, Yandere-chan can remove ...
  2. 5e Ranger (for use in or out of Orea)

  3. 5e-ing in the World of Orea

    by , Wednesday, 30th September, 2015 at 07:42 PM (Steeldragons' "All Things Orea" Blog)
    Wow. Haven't posted here in a while!

    Decided, though I, personally, am not starting a 5e game yet, it was high time to lay down some parameters for having and/or maintaining a World of Orea game/feel for those who are into 5e...and are ...
    Tags: 5e d&d, class, gods, woo, world
  4. Dragonlance Reflected in Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition (08 Nov 2014)

    (From this thread, dated 08 Nov 2014)

    My amazing FLGS D&D5 group will be finished with Lost Mine of Phandelver in a few weeks. We've already finished the main story but I'm giving them the opportunity to hit some of the side quests they ...
  5. Blurbs from the Booth-How I spent my Winter (Fantasy) Vacation

    Originally posted at www.throatpunchgames.com, a new idea everyday!

    It's that time of the year again-WINTER FANTASY! I love Winter Fantasy. It's the one con a year I can get my wife to go to. We have a blast, and sometimes, just ...
  6. D&D Tactics 101 - Playing Smart

    D&D TACTICS 101 - a blog series


    Combat in D&D is meant to involve a large amount of luck, usually implemented
    by the rolling of dice. (There are combat features that avoid rolling dice, ...
  7. Blurbs from the Booth- Multiple Characters to one Player

    I've seen a problem at my table a few times. I have one player who ends up playing multiple characters. This has happened a few way. One is the most broken feat out there for Pathfinder and DnD3e-Leadership! With Leadership, a player gets a follower ...
  8. D&D Tactics 101 - First Principles

    D&D TACTICS 101 - First Principles

    I missed the first D&D boom because I was born too early for it. I got my BA
    degree in 1968, spent 3 years in the US Army, and was out in the working world
    before ...
  9. Blurbs from the Booth-Do I really love Dungeons and Dragons?

    Originally posted at www.throatpunchgames.com, a new idea everyday!
    Well it's Sunday, and that means option time. And today, I'm going to write about Dungeons and Dragons. In the comments below, you can start your own edition wars, but today ...
  10. Blurbs from the booth- Can we enjoy something for once?

    Let's talk about three things that just came out-
    Jurassic World Trailer- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFinNxS5KN4
    Star Wars 7- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMOVFvcNfvE
    Terminator Genisys- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62E4FJTwSuc ...