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    Here at EN World, I'm looking at all-ages tabletop role-playing games, board games, and card games. Do they engage the players at the kids' gaming table? Would they cut it at the adults' table? Are they genuinely fun for every age? Amazing Tales is "a game for children who love adventures". Martin Lloyd's RPG is designed for a GM and one or two young players, and includes the rules, GM tips for young gamers, four settings with adventure hooks, and more.

    Remember that new Drizzt trilogy which appeared in online bookstore listings last week? Nerdist has got a preview of the cover of Timeless, the first in the trilogy!

    New on EN5ider, the 5th Edition Patreon! Another Year Passed. Every setting needs traditions and celebrations, but these vary widely by culture. This useful article helps you to flesh out your setting's New Year traditions, birthday celebrations, the effects of growing old, and how the changing years affect NPCs.

    Dungeons & Dragons is well-known for its class advancement system, which over time has iterated from focusing on collecting treasure to defeating foes. And yet there was a time in the First Edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons where players were encouraged to play their characters as novices below 1st level, before they became heroes. These were 0-level player characters, and their story illuminates how D&D models a particular kind of fantasy fiction.

    A rundown of the New Releases that should be hitting games stores this coming week! Board games, card games, RPGs, Wargames, Miniatures and collectible games... hopefully something for everyone! In addition to the games hitting your local store we also take a look at a few RPG PDF releases from the last week that we hope may be of interest. For more information about any of the physical products please contact your local games store.

    Today we continue with our apocalyptic theme. I've covered war and pestilence, and this column will be about Death, the great leveller. Everybody dies, except for adventurers, who die but get to come back via the auspices of a friendly or bribable cleric.

    The current record for an RPG Kickstarter is John Wick's 7th Sea 2nd Edition, which made just over $1.3 million in about a month. Matt Colville looks like he might leave that in the dust with Strongholds & Streaming, however, having raised nearly half a million dollars in about 5 hours at the time of posting this, with a month to go!

    Let's talk about a valuable lesson game masters can take from The Force Awakens and 2009's Star Trek, both directed by J.J. Abrams. Maybe you've heard of them.

    From the focus on alt-history to the over-the-top gears-and-lightning fantastical, steampunk remains a compelling and entertaining genre that gains much of its life in the tabletop RPG world. As the company named for one of steampunk's greatest inspirations launches a car into space, it seemed like an apt time to take a look at some of the great genre offerings.

    Mayfair Games, once known in role-playing circles for their Role-Aids line of AD&D gaming supplements and Ray Winninger's iconoclastic Underground role-playing game, have announced their acquisition by Asmodee North America. The acquisition covers all of their assets and is effective immediately.

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