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    I was looking for some podcasts to add to my weekly dogwalking routine, mainly general RPG ones (as opposed to those which talk about a single game) to expand my horizons a little. I asked about on social media and other places and got these suggestions. I figured I'd share the list for those also looking for some general RPG podcasts to try out. And yes, there's only 11, not a dozen.

    Welcome back to our 5E Kickstarter 2-parter Special! Yesterday we looked at six campaigns looking to part you from your cash to help them come to life and today we look at another six! Yep, that’s a dozen 5th Edition campaigns currently running on Kickstarter that we’ve covered in two days! Todays selection includes a number of adventures – both multi-session and one-night affairs, an ambitious three volume bestiary and more…

    Hello everyone, Darryl here with a heaping help of gaming news! Legend of the Five Rings has an open beta next week, Star Wars: Legion more diverse than it first appears, voice actor video game strike ends, and more!

    In the last four years, I've noticed an increased frequency in regards to Storyteller and narrative type games. It might be resurgence, or my imagination… But, what I've been excited about is the sheer variety of these games; specifically, the ways in which the fundamental idea of creating story, is still being reimagined for the purpose of a role playing game.

    WotC's Jeremy Crawford continues his series of videos for D&D Beyond. "So the College of Glamour was a subclass that in our brainstorming came up partly inspired by a bard that was in my previous D&D campaign. Michelle Carter, one of our editors, played a bard in my campaign whose father had been whisked away to the Feywild and was raised there and throughout the entire campaign we described her bard's magic as being suffused with the power of the fey. And so I thought what if we made a whole College about this, a College of of bardic magic that would not only be used by people in the mortal world but would also basically be the college that would be engaged in by bards in the Feywild and so thus the the College of Glamour was born."

    The release of the long-awaited Powerchords inspired me to put the spotlight on my dear friend and valued colleague, Satyros AKA Phil Brucato. Most well-known for his craftsmanship on Storyteller-driven games, you can find his urban fantasy sensibilities flowing magically out into other spaces as well. I am greatly looking forward to what he does next...

    Welcome back to our weekly look at tabletop roleplaying game, and accessories, crowdfunding roundup! There are a lot of campaigns running at present, and many of those are for 5E supplements and adventures. So many in fact that this week I’m doing a double column – the first of which is below – that’s looking at the 5E offerings currently on Kickstarter. So whether you like the old classic ‘orange hardbacks’, classic dungeon adventuring action, or handy reference cards, we hope you’ll find something of interest in the below campaigns…

    "We brainstormed all sorts of things and any time we brainstorm, it's funny, either class options or monsters, I will always look for an opportunity to insert something that has to do with the Feywild because in my home campaign I always have things from the Feywild or otherwise known as fairy, whether it's hags or beautiful fey creatures who will help you, or perilous beautiful ones who harm you. I love this kind of fey connection." said Crawford to D&D Beyond.

    Before Gen Con we had a preview on the forthcoming 5E powered Esper Genesis heroic sci-fi RPG from Alligator Alley Entertainment, you can read that article here. Alligator Alley recently released a free 160 page Esper Genesis Basic Rules which you can download from DriveThruRPG. These rules provide everything you need to begin an Esper Genesis campaign for characters levels 1 to 10, until the official release of the Esper Genesis Core Manual. In addition to news of the free Basic Rules, the Alligator crew have also supplied us some more preview artwork.

    So the Cavalier appears in Xanathar's guide and it is a subclass inspired by a character class that goes all the way back to first edition D&D. The Cavalier in first edition D&D; appeared in the original book "Unearthed Arcana." So, in a way, when we were doing our "Unearthed Arcana" series of subclasses we thought "Well, of course, in a series named after the book, 'Unearthed Arcana' we should have the Cavalier in it." Although, we didn't end up including the acrobat which was another option in that book." says Crawford to D&D Beyond.

    In this video for D&D Beyond, Crawford said "So the Horizon Walker is a ranger subclass that is all about drawing on the magic of the multiverse. So many other rangers are very much tied to beasts or hunting particular prey in the natural environment. The Horizon Walker in a way, the camera pans back and it's about the whole multiverse. This is a ranger whose natural environment is the whole cosmos, and they're drawing on its magic and in the process, they're able to teleport around, they're able to draw on that planar magic to deal more damage with their attacks."

    "The Inquisitive subclass in Xanathar's guide is in many ways all about playing essentially Sherlock Holmes, this character who is fantastic at finding clues, discerning when other people are being deceitful, and then using that fact against them because the Inquisitive's abilities having to do with sneak attack are much more psychological than our other rogue types", says Crawford in a video for D&D Beyond.

    It’s a time on earth with exciting news about your favorite role-playing games, which means you lucky dogs are in the middle of another PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! Here’s a surprise for you: now that Starfinder is out and in the wild, we’ve managed to find some love for Pathfinder! Hold on to your hats, this one is going to be jam-packed.

    Frank Mentzer, in a video interview about his years in game design and upcoming Kickstarter, notes that Worlds of Empyrea will not just include multi-system support, but that each game system will have an Empyrea boxed set tailor made to fit the play style for that particular game system, which he hopes to release for Gen Con 2018 following the upcoming Kickstarter next month.

    These week from the global publishing offices of EN Publishing (hey, technically, that's true) come a remote mountainside monastery for your 5th Edition game, an unrepentantly deadly survival-horror 17-page adventure for Pathfinder players, guidelines on runnings chase scenes in WOIN, and the latest episodes of Turn Order: Warped!

    Ashcans. The popularity of ashcan editions come and go in role-playing game publishing, but a conversation about them with an indie publisher while I was at Gen Con brought to mind a couple of things about them: 1) RPG publishers don't use ashcan editions for marketing purposes as much as they could and 2) RPG publishers don't use them as a way to create new audiences. One thing that we don't see as much as we could in tabletop RPGs is a lot of outreach, and a lot of that has to do with the scale at which many publishers operate. Ashcans are a tool that can work around that.

    A rundown of the New Releases that should be hitting games stores this coming week! Board games, card games, RPGs, Wargames, Miniatures and collectible games... hopefully something for everyone! In addition to the games hitting your local store we’re also now listing a few RPG PDF releases from the last week that we hope may be of interest. For more information about any of the physical products please contact your local games store.

    In this second part of our coverage of The Index Card RPG (ICRPG), we talk to its creator Hankerin Ferinale, creator of Drunkens & Dragons on YouTube, author, and owner of Runehammer Games. Ferinale was interviewed while at Gen Con, and talked about how he went from working a full time job to being a full-time creator and writer and his future plans. You can find the first part of this coverage here.

    As is now traditional, WotC is involved with the Extra Life charity event. They stream hours of live D&D gaming in an attempt to raise money for the children's hospital charity, and to help encourage that they unlock sneak peaks of upcoming D&D books. So far this year, they have unlocked some material from the upcoming Xanathar's Guide to Everything.

    This is my unboxing of the August 2017 Mythoard RPG crate. This crate is definitely something different for Mythoard, and is probably the best value for a crate to date. With a hardcover valued at over $100 along with a variety of props, this is a good deal -- so long as you're interested in a pirate-themed campaign.

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