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    The next book (both covers - standard and special edition - shown below) is a monster book/multiverse guide called Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. On Monday the official press release will be coming with more information. Amusingly, the books that Mike Mearls and Nathan Stewart held up in today's "Fireside Chat" said "Tomb of Foes"; fortunately these are just mockups and the book is still being worked on for a May release. More info on Monday! [5 FEB UPDATED WITH PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT]

    As the cold weather in the real world continues, we continue our theme on EN5ider, the 5th Edition patreon! Avalanches, frozen bridges, mammoth warriors, winter riders, and wolves in the storm await in this article by James J. Haeck; illustrated by Ellis Goodson.

    Fantasy is now much more mainstream, so it's easy to forget how influential the debut of the Harry Potter franchise was on the genre. And yet despite the blockbuster success of the franchise we never got an official Harry Potter tabletop role-playing game -- for Dungeons & Dragons or any other system.

    A rundown of the New Releases that should be hitting games stores this coming week! Board games, card games, RPGs, Wargames, and Miniatures... hopefully something for everyone! In addition to the games hitting your local store we also take a look at a few RPG PDF releases from the last week that we hope may be of interest. For more information about any of the physical products please contact your local games store.

    We are unboxing the Starfinder Alien Archive Pawn Box, and taking a look inside. This pawn box includes precisely 326 cardstock pawns for use with the Starfinder RPG. The Starfinder Alien Archive Pawn Box is the second official pawn box produced Paizo Publishing for the Starfinder RPG, and not to be confused with Starfinder Core Rulebook Pawn Collection. Without further ado, letís get into it!

    Sometimes I get my themes for the weekly Picks from the most fun and interesting places. In this case, my friend Lana Smith (AKA Alana Smith Brown of King of the Geeks fame) was asking about games in which her group could play fairies and experience fairy-tale style storytelling. Since I delved into the subject on her behalf, anyway, here's the fruits of that labor. There's some very fascinating games and ideas below, great for kids and adults alike! PS - Changed the order from the original posting due to Faery's Tale Deluxe having too small an image.

    Hello again my well-traveled friends, youíve come just in time to catch the latest edition of the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! The Golem seems to be quite generous this time around, giving us plenty of Starfinder and Pathfinder (well, mostly Pathfinder) to chew through and anticipate. Letís dive in!

    Spanish company Burning Games have a reputation for great quality, not to mention good looking, games. They have been nominated for ENnies for two years running (Best Production Values in 2017, and winning a Silver ENnie for Best Free Product in 2016), were Golden Geek Game of the Year Runners Up with Faith: A Garden in Hell in 2016, as well as multiple nominations in other awards. This year they are gearing up to relaunch their Dragons Conquer America RPG Kickstarter, set in 1519 as two worlds collide, with the Spanish arriving in the Americas. We catch up with writer and designer, JC Obal, to find out his inspiration behind the game.

    I was sent the below video by Keith & Tim, who say "Two readers and participants in the site reaching out. We'd like to share a Game of Thrones and Dungeons & Dragons inspired crossover video piece we made. We're huge fans of both properties and wanted to show how Game of Thrones perfectly blends into the world of D&D! The feedback we've received is that even if people don't play D&D, they 'get' how D&D works after watching this video. We had a blast doing this and hope you and your readers watching do as well!" Some NSFW language.

    Hello everyone, Darryl here with this weekís gaming news. New Dungeons & Dragons comic series, changes to the DMís Guild, GAMA offering retail member exclusives, and more!

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