D&D Next Q&A; NUMENERA Character Options
  • Turn Order: Warped Episode 19: I Swear It Was...

    Turn Order: Warped, the official stream of the WOIN roleplaying game system, is back with a new episode! "Felix deals with the aftermath of drinking something he shouldn't have and the crew tries to find him." Join GM of Doom "wacksteven" and the crew of the Black Fang in their intrepid science-fiction adventures! As always,...

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    EN5ider #147: Magical Dungeon Archetypes for 5E

    New on EN5ider, the 5th Edition patreon! The bard's College of the Passage, the cleric's Labyrinth divine domain, the druid's Circle of the Worked Stone, the sorcerer's Oozemancer bloodline, the warlock's Enigmatic Eye patron, and the wizard's School of the Inside Out are all new archetypes based around the delving of dungeons and the exploration of...

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    When D&D Campaigns Become Franchises

    We've previously discussed how the seeds of a failed Dungeons & Dragons campaign was the inspiration for several video game franchises like Doom and Quake, but there's another D&D campaign that is more popular than both of them...

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  • D&D Next Q&A; NUMENERA Character Options

    Dungeons & Dragons News

    • In the latest D&D Next Q&A Rodney looks at concentration and buff spells, concentration and multiple spells, and main villain type monsters' ways of shrugging off completely debilitating effects. [threadcm]http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?352808-Rule-of-Three-February-14th[/threadcm]

    Other News

    • Monte Cook Games has announced Character Options for Numenera, a 96-page softcover book set for May 2014.
    • RPG Geek lists a bunch of upcoming RPG releases -- including Mage: the Ascension, M&M series The Atlas of Earth-Prime, Numenera's Character Options supplement, and a book about drow from Mongoose.
    • Tabletop Adventures is holding a contest for gamers to write up an NPC 'love interest' for a player character of the RPG or genre of their choice. Entries should be less than 500 words and be submitted by midnight (US Central Time) on Feb. 20. Fans will vote to determine the winner. The prize is $15 in store credit on RPGNow or DriveThruRPG. See the Tabletop Adventures website for entry format and more details.
    • Mutant Chronicles, the 3rd edition of the dieselpunk sci-fi RPG on Kickstarter, is fully funded and and plowing through stretch goals.
    • Godsfall is an upcoming game "set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, a sort of Mad Max meets Cthulhu meets Lord of the Rings". They report "We'll be sponsoring Free RPG Day 2014 with a demo of The Godsfall that includes quickstart rules, six pre-generated characters, and an introductory adventure. We'll also be launching a Kickstarter here in the next week or so. If all stretch goals are unlocked, that'll be 15 books for $140 worth of backing."