D&D NEXT Release Dates!


    Details of official D&D 5th Edition products coming in 2014 - rulebooks, boxed sets, adventures, miniatures, digital tools, PDFs, and more!

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    D&d 5E Rules Summary Sheet

    Stan Shinn has created a rules summary sheet for D&D 5th Edition. He says "Here is a 5e rules summary in both landscape and portrait formats. First two pages I print out and hand to players (I use it as a DM as well). Third page is more oriented towards the DM. Basically I run 90% of my games using ONLY the rules on these three pages; seldom are there rules used which aren't summarized here....

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    Privateer Press has sent along some information about the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit. It will be available in stores everywhere in March 2015 and is "a complete adventure, including everything you need to play as a fierce warrior in the savage and untamed wilds of western Immoren". A starter set for four players and a GM. Character...

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    New News Page Layout

    This is just an experiment - I'm not sold on it. The idea is that bigger news items dropped out of sight pretty quickly with the old format, while this one allows more to be seen at a glance. On the downside, it also makes it look a lot like every other news site on the web. The difference isn't as big as it appears at first - it's just that individual items are collapsed rather than expanded...

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    It's A NUMENERA Kinda Week!

    There have been various bits and pieces about Monte Cook Games' Cypher System (and its games, Numenera and The Strange) over the last week. I've saved them up so that I could put them in a new post of their own - Cypher system reviews, The Strange Bestiary, Shotguns & Sorcery, and a Numenera Boxed Set! First of all, remember you can now quickly...

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    What do you think of the TYRANNY OF DRAGONS DM...

    The Tyranny of Dragons DM Screen is produced under license by WizKids, and is the first of two DM screens for D&D 5th Edition (the other is by WotC and is slated for a January release). What do you think of...

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  • D&D NEXT Release Dates!

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    Click for more about D&DBarnes & Noble has the initial D&D Next releases on its website. Notably, it looks like the game's name has been settled on as simply "D&D". The Player's Handbook is also looking like a fairly solid Gen Con release date, as expected. [347 comments]

    • D&D Starter Set -- July 15, 2014, $19.95
    • D&D Player's Handbook -- August 19, 2014, $49.95

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    Back when D&D 4E was still a thing, a 3rd Party Publisher named Northwinter Press released a supplement aimed at merging elements of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition with the well-known Pokémon franchise. The resulting genre mash-up setting was reviewed here on EN World a little over a year ago in this same column (Click here to read the previous review.)
    The OSR or Old School Renaissance (or perhaps better phrased Revival?) has really changed how many gamers play RPGs over the past decade or so. Coupled with the ease of publishing online, numerous new publishers and new authors have taken ideas of the earliest forms of role-playing games and re-invented them with fresh new designs.