D&D NEXT Release Dates!

  • [EN5ider#60] Sinister Spellbooks

    New for EN5ider patrons - curated, professional, illustrated 5E articles and adventures every week! Brandes Stoddard describes six sinister spellbooks, along with each's properties and associated plot hooks. Be careful how you handle the Codex of Khiruzam or the Libram of the Crimson Wasting; benefit from the illusion properties of the Green Book...

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    Is There A New STAR TREK RPG Coming?

    It sounds like CBS is going to be doing a lot of licensing of Star Trek merchandise in the next year or so, to coincide with the show's 50th anniversary, and it's looking like Gale Force Nine might be launching a some kind of hobby game. Liz Kalodner of CBS Consumer Products reports that "in toys and games, Gale Force Nine will launch a new Star Trek hobby game title, Spin...

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    Potential Hasbro and Mattel Merger?

    According to a report today from Bloomberg Business, Hasbro (owners of the Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering brands) and Mattel have been in talks about a possible merger....

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    Sean's Picks of the Week (0201-0205) - GM-less...

    This may not be my most eclectic spread of Picks for a given week, but it's got to be up there in the Top 5 or so. As always, I really do try to make sure you're aware of lots of different options from all angles. Ours is one of the most diverse, dynamic hobbies I've ever encountered, and it just keeps growing! We've seen a bit of other media mining our offerings for content, and I predict that's...

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  • D&D NEXT Release Dates!

    Click for more about D&DBarnes & Noble has the initial D&D Next releases on its website. Notably, it looks like the game's name has been settled on as simply "D&D". The Player's Handbook is also looking like a fairly solid Gen Con release date, as expected. [347 comments]

    • D&D Starter Set -- July 15, 2014, $19.95
    • D&D Player's Handbook -- August 19, 2014, $49.95