D&D NEXT Release Dates!

  • D&D: The Original Escape Game

    Escape Games are all the rage these days, in which players are locked in a room and must solve a series of puzzle to escape. The origin of the game varies depending on the source: someone's daughter heard about it in Europe, it was inspired by Agatha Christie's works, developers wanted to mimic video game challenges. Whatever their origin, Gen Con attendees have been playing escape games before...

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    D&D: The Hands of Chaos Starring Divergent's...

    The new D&D movie will be called Dungeons & Dragons: The Hands of Chaos. The lead is Ansel Elgort, a young 22 year old American actor who appeared in the Divergent series of films. According to Harry Knowles (of AICN fame), the story is "a full on Object Quest style D&D story". Additionally, Knowles claims that Vin Diesel wants to be in the movie. Read the report...

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    40+ New 5E Community Creations For Your Game!

    Community member Shieldhaven has again compiled recent D&d 5th Edition community creations from around the blogosphere, scouring the internet so that you don't have to! This month, he's uncovered an animate plant, a nasty CR26 supervillain, new Tarokka Deck house rules for Curse of Strahd, solar-powered paladins, new cantrips, group skill checks, and much, much more! As always,...

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    [EN5ider #84] Blood Moon Ascendant

    New on EN5ider! What effects does the Blood Moon, a night where the normally silver guardian of the sky turns crimson, have on your 5th Edition campaign world? Often viewed as a night to fear, this article from writer Dion Fernandez presents the random effects of the Blood Moon. Do statues, dolls, and scarecrows come alive? Or is it the time for a fey...

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  • D&D NEXT Release Dates!

    Click for more about D&DBarnes & Noble has the initial D&D Next releases on its website. Notably, it looks like the game's name has been settled on as simply "D&D". The Player's Handbook is also looking like a fairly solid Gen Con release date, as expected. [347 comments]

    • D&D Starter Set -- July 15, 2014, $19.95
    • D&D Player's Handbook -- August 19, 2014, $49.95