D&D Next: Notes from GAMA
  • D&D Next: Notes from GAMA - The Starter Box & the Core Rulebooks; plus PATHFINDER Card Game OP

    Click for more about D&DThe hour-long D&D Next presentation at the GAMA trade show in Las Vegas just finished. No pictures were allowed, unfortunately (and a bunch of gorgeous stuff was shown). [threadcm]http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?353562-GAMA-Trade-Show-and-Game-Developer-Conference-start-Monday-announcement-Tomorrow[/threadcm]

    5E will be launched with the Tyranny of Dragons storyline; the Dragon Cult will attempt to resurrect Tiamat. To bring her back from the Nine Hells, they will need to partner up with evil chromatic dragons who will wreak havoc across the Forgotten Realms. The Red Wizards of Thay and the Harpers also feature heavily. The story will be supported by a range of products - from Organized Play adventures to video games.

    The D&D miniatures, as we already know, will be produced by WizKids.

    The D&D starter set (no dates are given, but remember that Barnes & Noble had it up on their site for $20, due in July recently before taking it down) is a gorgeous boxed set.

    And as for the main rulebooks -- yes, there will be a Player's Handbook, Monster Manual, and a Dungeon Master's Guide. The covers were shown (they didn't permit photos though). The PHB has a beholder on the front, the MM has a fire giant, and the DMG has drow and an underdark battle. There will NOT be multiple Player's Handbooks, and all the iconic monsters will be in the MM.

    There's some interesting philosophy stuff -- WotC says they will continue to sell 4E until interest goes away. They want to sell D&D to people in any format they can, whether that be old editions, video games, or other branded products. They are very much against the "edition war" philosophy.

    Indeed, they say their "guiding light" was "What would Gary [Gygax] and Dave [Arneson] do?"

    In summary, the main focus is on story, not mechanics. It's all about the story, plus exploring characters outside their traditional tropes. An awful lot of pretty pictures which nobody was allowed to photograph, and lots of gorgeous fluff.


    Click for more about the Pathfinder RPGThere was a bit of Pathfinder news, too (thanks to I'm Board! Games)

    • There will be a Pathfinder society OP for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.
    • 10 new iconic characters are coming!
    • Adventure Packs for the Skull & Shackles version of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game will release monthly

    Other Notes

    Lots of companies, lots of bits of news.

    • Fantasy Flight Games has grown 25% every year since 2000.
    • Warhammer 40K; Conquest is a "Living Card Game of warfare in the far future" by Eric Lang. The core set has 7 races, and a massive art budget.
    • Edge of the Empire is FFG's best-ever selling RPG. Age of Rebellion is a new game and will have more action. Force of Destiny is Jedi-focused and is slated for 2015.
    • X-Wing is FFG's most successful game of any kind ever. New ships - Rebel Transport in April, Tantive IV in May.
    • Munchkin Panic! from Steve Jackson Games.