James Wyatt Leaves D&D; Warpiest Preview from Pathfinder's ADVANCED CLASS GUIDE; and Re-releasing THE PERTURBED DRAGON Cartoon!
  • James Wyatt Leaves D&D; Warpriest Preview from Pathfinder's ADVANCED CLASS GUIDE; and Re-releasing THE PERTURBED DRAGON Cartoon!

    Dungeons & Dragons News

    James Wyatt Leaves D&D Team

    James Wyatt has left the D&D team to work on Magic: the Gathering (still at WotC). He says:

    A big change happened this week! After 14-1/2 years at Wizards of the Coast, I have moved from the Dungeons & Dragons team to work on Magic: The Gathering as part of the creative/story team.

    I'm tremendously excited about the opportunity for me to put my creative energy in new directions, even as I continue working to get the D&D Dungeon Master's Guide finished up.

    World-building, fiction writing, collaborative creative brainstorming—these are the things I love to do, and I'll be doing a lot of all three in the years ahead! I think you'll start to see the fruits of those labors as soon as this summer—I'll keep you posted.

    Rob Schwalb left for Monte Cook Games a couple of months back, and Bruce Cordell did the same in August last year. Chris Dupois is at WotC still, but working on the Kaijudo game, and Tom Olsen and Jennifer Clarke-Wilkes are, like James Wyatt, on M:tG. Bart Carroll is also no longer working directly on D&D. (thanks to those who filled me in on those details!)

    Mike Mearls recently indicated that there were about 15 people working on D&D -- "The team as a whole has about fifteen people. About half that are actually working on the RPG right now. The other half are working on other D&D stuff like Neverwinter, iOS games, licensing, or board games." As far as I can make out (and this may not wholly accurate) that puts the current list at something like this. I may have some job titles slightly off, or be missing a couple.

    Current D&D Team
    Mike Mearls Senior Manager
    Rodney Thompson R&D
    Jeremy Crawford Editor & Developer
    Greg Bilsland D&D Producer
    Chris Perkins D&D Producer
    Peter Lee R&D
    Matt Sernett R&D
    Chris Sims R&D
    Trevor Kidd Community Manager
    Shelly Mezzanoble Associate Brand Manager
    Chris Tulach Program Manager, Organized Play
    Nathan Stewart Brand Director & Executive Producer
    Nina Hess Editor-in-Chief, D&D Novels
    Liz Shuh Director of Brand Marketing

    Click here for my full list of ex-WotC employees and their current jobs and projects.

    Pathfinder RPG News

    • Gamer Goggles talks to Erik Mona about the Emerald Spire Superdungeon and more in a 17-minute video interview.
    • Here's a preview from designer Jason Bulmahn of the Warpriest from the upcoming (August) Advanced Class Guide! "Blending together the powers of the fighter and the cleric, the warpriest is a class that allows you to represent the ideals of your deity, but to back them up with cold, hard steel."

    Fight as One (major): At 10th level, you can rally your allies to fight together. For 1 minute, whenever you make a successful melee or ranged attack against a foe, allies within 10 feet of you gain a +2 insight bonus on attacks of the same type you made against that foe—melee attacks if you made a melee attack, or ranged attacks if you made a ranged attack. If you score a critical hit, this bonus increases to +4 until the start of your next turn.

    The Perturbed Dragon: Re-released!

    Over the next 6 weeks, we'll be re-releasing THE PERTURBED DRAGON, an animated series about a group of fantasy gamers who play a game called "Real Life" in their favourite tavern, The Perturbed Dragon. Hijinks ensure! Watch this awesome trailer - the first episode is coming soon!