Codename: Morningstar Beta Info; Mike Mearls Interview; D&D 5E Hobgoblin; and more!
  • Codename: Morningstar Beta Info; Mike Mearls Interview; D&D 5E Hobgoblin; and more!

    Dungeons & Dragons News

    • Info about the Codename: Morningstar Beta Signup -- "Your first chance to get involved in the Codename: Morningstar Beta is fast approaching! Here are a few things you’ll need to know before you sign up". The beta program will be available for web users and Android tablets, but not iOS. There are no actual timelines quite yet.
    • Click for more about D&DCodename: Morningstar FAQ -- there's also an FAQ addressing some common questions.
    • Charles Akins asked Mike Mearls where the free D&D Basic game will be available, who replied "WotC site. I think it will go live during business hours pacific time, in case the site crashes." "During business hours" presumably means business hours in Seattle, which is on Pacific Time (GMT -7 currently). It sounds like they plan to have people ready to do something if the WotC site is overwhelmed.
    • Starting with the D&D Starter Set -- The D&D Starter Set releases to select hobby stores through our Wizards Play Network Core+ program on July 3, and is out everywhere on July 15. Since that’s on everyone’s mind right now, WotC discusses the D&D Starter Set and how to use it in the D&D Adventurers League! [threadcm][/threadcm]
    • Cult Maraudings -- Rogues rely on skill, stealth, and their foes’ vulnerabilities to get the upper hand in any situation. They have a knack for finding the solution to just about any problem, bringing resourcefulness and versatility to their adventuring parties.
    • D&D Podcast: The Herald -- James Wyatt sits down with Ed Greenwood to discuss the final book in The Sundering series, The Herald, and where things might lead from there.
    • Tabletop Gaming has a video interview with WotC's Mike Mearls (below). "This is an interview with Wizard's of the Coast Mike Mearls on where we discussed quite a few topics on the new D&D 5th edition releasing on 7/3/14. Mike even tells us about the Sorcerer's Wild Magic chart and also his favorite monster as well! Enjoy folks!" [threadcm][/threadcm]

    • If you enjoyed seeing yesterday's 5E monster preview, you might enjoy this hobgoblin, too: [threadcm][/threadcm]

    • This ugly looking guy can be found in the Lost Mine of Phandelver, the 64-page adventure in the upcoming Starter Set.