What's this, then? Another PATHFINDER video game? By Obsidian?

  • Reaper Bones 3: Nearly $400K In 2 Hours!

    Reaper Miniatures are back for a third time on Kickstarter with a ton more plastic miniatures. They launched a couple of hours ago, and have raised nearly $400,000 from nearly 4,000 backers already. It's a short Kickstarter - 19 days instead of the traditional month - but with Reaper it only needs to be short. For $100 you get a core set (pictured below) of 30 minis, plus there's their usual...

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    TITANSGRAVE Setting At The Printer

    Green Ronin reports that Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana is now at the printers. For $24.95, you'll be able get the full-colour hardback 96-page setting devised by Wil Wheaton and a whole host of other authors (Keith Baker, Leonard Balsera, Logan Bonner, Matt Forbeck, Will Hindmarch, Jackson Lanzing, Nicole Lindroos, Chris Pramas, Robert J. Schwalb, Mike Selinker, Clark Valentine, Ryan...

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    AD&D 1E Players Handbook In PDF

    The AD&D 1st Edition Players Handbook has just his DnDClassics - which means that you can now buy it in PDF format. Originally published in 1978, with an iconic cover by Dave Trampier, the book is 128 pages and available for $9.99. Grab it right here! The 1st Edition Player's Handbook is...

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    TITANSGRAVE Episode 5 - Staff of Forlorn Hope

    Staff of Forlorn Hope is Chapter 5 of Wil Wheaton's RPG show - and it's now up! "After escaping the Nestoran streets and seeking “refuge” in the sewers, the party is taken to an elevator which leads directly to Mr. Voss. Like all mysterious benefactors, Mr. Voss has a proposition for the party: retrieve the Staff of Forlorn Hope and in return, receive an extravagant amount of gold...

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  • What's this, then? Another PATHFINDER video game? By Obsidian?

    Is there another Pathfinder video game coming? We all know about Pathfinder Online from GoblinWorks (and I'll be talking to Ryan Dancey about that at Gen Con, amongst other things). But this looks like something different. The folks at the Know Direction podcast spotted it. Obsidian, as you likely know, is a large video game producer. [37 comments] [EDIT - apparently the source was a Facebook post from one of the Pathfinder Devs, which has now been taken down].