What's this, then? Another PATHFINDER video game? By Obsidian?

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    One trope that has been around since the earliest myths, but is only rarely pursued in role-playing games is the one where a hero does not necessarily have to be a human. And by that one should not include humanoid creatures like elves and dwarves and aliens and vampires, for they are variations on the human-theme, but true non-human entities such as animals, robots, and other creatures out of legend.
    One of the great side benefits of GENCON each year is a chance to get a Reviewer together with some Game Designers. It creates the real possibility of discovering a new RPG to present here on EN World that might otherwise have been missed.

    This year that happened not just once, but at least three times.
    Real world historical settings can create a familiar backdrop for roleplaying games that has the a real advantage to the players and GMs. Even if the historical facts and sets are altered somewhat, RPGs like Man, Myth, and Magic, Call of Cthulhu, and Dead Lands can present some very bizarre situations all in locals and within contexts that are immediately recognizable to everyone at the table.
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    What makes up the elusive Planescape "feel" to you? (Votes: 35)

    1. Abstract made manifest, e.g. meet your own mortality or conscience (Votes: 11)

    2. Adventures spanning multiple contrasting planes (Votes: 18)

    3. Aesthetics (graphic design, art, writing style, dark humor) (Votes: 22)

    4. Cant (planar slang) (Votes: 14)

    5. Compelling questions/revelations, eg. "what can change the nature of a man?" (Votes: 10)

    6. 15 factions managing Sigil's civil government (pre-Faction War timeline) (Votes: 14)

    7. Interaction emphasized as equal to or more important than combat (Votes: 18)

    8. Killing fiends and stealing their stuff (Votes: 4)

    9. Overland travel thru strange paths like the Infinite Staircase or River Styx (Votes: 19)

    10. Philosophers with clubs playing critical roles in the adventures (Votes: 13)

    11. Player decisions shaping the planes in a significant way (the power of belief) (Votes: 14)

    12. Portals (used in a variety of ways) (Votes: 21)

    13. Sigil, City of Doors, as a key adventuring site (Votes: 23)

    14. Strong adventure hooks, eg. WHY we're planting a rose in the Abyss (Votes: 17)

    15. Subversive fantasy playing on expected villains and outcomes (Votes: 13)

    16. Sense of wonder and majesty of the planes (Votes: 24)

    17. Other/Lemon Slaad (see my post below) (Votes: 1)

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  • What's this, then? Another PATHFINDER video game? By Obsidian?

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    Is there another Pathfinder video game coming? We all know about Pathfinder Online from GoblinWorks (and I'll be talking to Ryan Dancey about that at Gen Con, amongst other things). But this looks like something different. The folks at the Know Direction podcast spotted it. Obsidian, as you likely know, is a large video game producer. [37 comments] [EDIT - apparently the source was a Facebook post from one of the Pathfinder Devs, which has now been taken down].

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