ENnies Winners 2014

  • Checking Out The RAGE OF DEMONS Minis from GF9

    What do Orcus, Graz'zt, and Zuggtmoy have in common? They're all demon lords, and they're all miniatures coming soon from Gale Force 9. They're limited edition (only 1500 of each). Orcus retails at a mighty $75, with Zuggtmoy at $25 and Graz'zt at $20.

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    Here's The First Chapter of O.L.D.!

    Elven musketeers line up in the rain to defend against an oncoming goblin horde. Weathered watchmen investigate a murder in a scummy tavern. Diabolists meddle with things that they shouldn't as they summon the most evil of beings from the depths of Hell. Pirates and swashbucklers battle for supremacy on the high seas. A heroic adventurer adds a moat to his ever-expanding castle. Download the...

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    [EN5ider #40] Template of Horrors

    Only for EN5ider patrons! Our Halloween month continues - and we also celebrate our 40th article! - with four horrific templates which can be applied to any creature! Use the zombie, wight, skeleton, and banshee templates to create horrors such as a Wailing Hermit (a banshee ettin), a Rust Monster Skeleton, a Crypt Stalker (a minotaur...

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    VIN DIESEL Just Played D&D

    Back in July, actor Vin Diesel got an awesome D&D birthday cake. Last night he posted a video where he talks about his recent game of Dungeons & Dragons with the folks at The Nerdist. I don't know if the game was filmed, or if we'll ever get to see it, but even so it's great to hear...

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  • ENnies Winners 2014

    Congratulations to the 2014 ENnies winners! The ceremony this evening in the Grand Hall at the Historic Union Station, Indianapolis, was a blast. Thank you to everyone who attended or watched the livestream!