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    Welcome to the D&D 5th Edition Fan Database. You are welcome to browse and use any content found here, and are encouraged to add your own.

    Over to the right you can see a feed of the latest content from each fan content database.  Alternatively, you can browse each database individually by selecting an option below.

    Class Archetypes [add an archetype] [top rated archetypes]

    Backgrounds [add a background] [top rated backgrounds]

    Feats [add a feat] [top rated feats]

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    Other fan or home brew content also available:

    D&D 5E Character Sheets

    D&D 5E Fan Content Downloads Area

    Module/Adventure Conversion Library

    5E Adventure Contest Entries

    As a reminder, these databases are for fan content only.  Please do not copy content directly from official sources unless you have a license or explicit permission to do so. Wikipedia is a good source for generic re-usable descriptions.

    When you add an item to one of these databases, a corresponding thread is automatically created in the House Rules Forum.

    More databases are added from time to time. Expect to see some for What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. as the rules become locked down.

  • A Note on Copyright

    Any entry you add to this database remains your property. Nobody is trying to claim your work, and you have the ability to edit it or remove it at any time. All items are considered (c) of the member who added them, unless otherwise noted in the "credit" field at the bottom of each entry.  

    You are welcome to add content you have posted elsewhere or on your own site or blog, and are encouraged to link back to your own site or blog in the credit field at the bottom of each of your entries.

    Note that you are liable for any intellectual property infringements within your work; we'll remove such things if we see them, but please do report any. Content here should be your own work or stuff you have a license or permission to use.
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