Communities, Groups, & Personal Forums
    • Communities, Groups, & Personal Forums

      Create a private space or a public group, big or small. You can create your own communities here on EN World, both public and private. Whether that's for a gaming subject not well-catered for in the main forums, or a tiny private forum for your own game, creating your own community just takes a click. There are already over 300 communities right here on EN World. [Help]

      Use communities to:
      • Create your own private or public forum
      • Create a discussion area for a topic of your choosing
      • Coordinate a campaign, either online or offline
      • Store information, files, or images
      • Manage a combined project or collective effort
      • Schedule events
      Communities are great for:
      • Gathering fans of games, books, or more
      • Arranging schedules and events
      • Specific games or systems
      • Private or public campaigns and games
      • Geographical groups or local clubs
      • Safe areas where you can discuss topics privately
      • Communities for publishers or designers
      Communities feature:
      • More features than the large social networks offer
      • Messageboard/forum
      • Your own wiki pages
      • Controls to determine who can access your community
      • Invitations and member management
      • File hosting
      • Picture albums
      • Calendar & Event Manager
      • Ways to message or contact members*
      *Depending on their own privacy settings

      As the community leader, you have complete control over your community. Communities you have created or joined appear on the main forum list just like other forums do.  They appear near the bottom, and look something like this:

      When you create a community, you own it. You are the leader of that community. You can make it public or private; you can require invitations or let people freely join; you can decide who can post in your group/forum and who cannot. It's like having your own forum right on EN World.

      Communities have some features above and beyond a regular forum. Not only do you get a forum of your own, you can also host files, create image or photo albums, use a calendar and event manager, and even make a wiki page. As the admin, you have a number of tools, including invitations, privacy settings.

      How go I get people to join my community?
      It's up to you how you get people to join your community. One tool you can use is the invitation manager, whereby you can invite other EN World members.  You are able to manage members, see who has been invited, who is pending, remove members, or change the privacy settings. The privacy settings include combinations of:
      • Public or private communities (who can see inside)
      • Free-to-join or invitation-only communities
      A note on privacy settings:  EN World admins will still be able to access your community, even if you make it private. However, you control all other access to your community, whether you set it to public or private. While you are permitted to set the topic, tone and moderation standards of your group, you may not use it for illegal activities, harassment, bullying, or pornography, and your community may be subject to closure if such things take place.

      Sample community?
      Below is an example community, showing you some of the features in use.