Definitely NO print DRAGON or DUNGEON Magazines!
  • Definitely NO print DRAGON or DUNGEON Magazines!

    I don't think anybody expected it (although there may have been a glimmer of hope in the recesses of some folks' minds, and the question has been asked a good few times), but WotC's Mike Mearls has confirmed finally that there will definitely not be print versions of DRAGON and DUNGEON magazines. Thanks to JeffB and lkj for spotting it!

    I'm still of the opinion that they could license those magazine names (since the brands became almost invisible within D&D Insider anyway), let someone else take the risk, and still use D&D Insider as their own online content delivery brand.

    We're exploring options for the magazines right now. Nothing to announce yet, but we know they're an important part of D&D's history. That said, the magazine business is in rough shape. Subscriptions to them were dropping heavily in their last years in print, and that was six years ago. You can expect anything we do will be delivered digitally.