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    Feder & Schwert are currently running a Kickstarter for Der erste Spielleiter: Eine Comic-Biografie uber Gary Gygax or – given it’s English title – Rise of the Dungeon Master:Gary Gygax and the Creation of F&D. The graphic novel, written by David Kushner and illustrated by Koren Shadmi was released earlier this year and tells the story of Gary Gygax, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons.

    The Draw of Glenfallow is a 5th edition adventure module by W.S. Quinton that’s currently running on Kickstarter. The adventure is the first part of a new series called the Tarot Adventrues, with each adventure themed after the cards in a Tarot deck. The Draw of Glenfallow sets the stage for the series by introducing a key character (Pieron) and is designed for characters levels 1 to 3.

    Andrew Valkauskas (Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok RPG) is back with Vanagard, a brand new collaborative storytelling card game that features some fantastic artwork. Utilising both roleplaying and board game techniques the players create their characters as they play and overcome challenges presented as the rounds storyteller weaves a scene based upon the story card they play. As characters overcome the challenges presented they can increase their levels and further expand their tales.

    In 2012 Iron Sky was released and became a cult hit movie. The sequel, Iron Sky: The Coming Race is being released on 14th February 2018 alongside the official Roleplaying Game which has just launched on Kickstarter! Headed up Dirk Vandereyken, and with a host of industry names such as Steven Long, Michael Surbrook and Darren Watts, writing it the game has an all star cast.

    The mighty Frog God is at it again with their new Kickstarter offering the fourth instalment in the Quests of Doom series. This time round not only are the modules offered for three different systems (Fifth Edition, Swords & Wizardry and Pathfinder) but theyare offering you a complete ‘pick and mix’ approach to what you’d like. There are sixteen (yes, 16!) adventures in total so across the three systems that makes up 48 to choose from in PDF or print. Every print adventure automatically comes with the PDF version free.

    Wolfgang Bauer and Kobold Press have just launched a Patreon to support a series of 5th Edition Warlock booklets for their Midgard Campaign Setting. Each Warlock booklet will e 16 to 20 pages long, with a black & white cover and interior artwork by artists such as Karl Walter and Gabriel Cassata.

    Battlefield Press have launched a new campaign to fund a new Savage Worlds edition of their Gaslight Victorian Fantasy setting. The setting has previously been available in OGL and Savage Worlds in early editions.

    Mongoose Publishing return to Kickstarter to bring us a box set of Traveller goodness. The Great Rift & Deep Space Exploration Box Set will give us a load of information on the sectors of The Great Rift as well as “providing a comprehensive guide to deep space exploration and the mysteries that can be found far from the shipping lanes”.

    Mark Rein-Hagen’s Make-Believe Games launched their latest Kickstarter on 4th July. An appropriate date considering the game is Revolutionaries – The American War of Independence from the creative team of Nathan Tucker, Mark Kelly, C.A. Suleiman and Ryan Schoon.

    Fresh from securing a Savage Worlds license from Pinnacle Entertainment FeralGames have lost no time in launching their first Savage Worlds based Kickstarter with Ghost Ops. In Ghost Ops you are part of an Elite Special Forces Unit sent on missions to deal with Drug Cartels, Crime Lords, terrorist Cells and Warlords… from jungles to deserts, artic regions to urban sprawls. Fans of Tom Clancy and computer games such as Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell should enjoy this.

    Welcome to The Midderlands – an old school game setting and bestiary based on Swords & Wizardry Complete but for use with any other OSR systems or even games such as D&D or Pathfinder. The Midderlands is a green-hued, dark-fantasy, late-middle ages, early-renaissance view through grime-smeared spectacles. The setting itself is based on an area in the middle of England near where I live called The Midlands. Many of the locations are loosely based on reality, but others are pure fantasy from an addled mind.

    Happy Gnome Publishing has launched Redshirts: Adventures in Absurdity on Kickstarter for the forthcoming Starfinder RPG. The first volume includes three missions taking the PCs from level 1 to level 3 – if they manage to survive their captain that is…

    Fresh from delivering their last Kickstarter, Hyperlanes the cinematic sci-fi rulebook for 5th Edition gaming, Scrivened LLC have turned their gaze to the blasted lands of post apocalyptic gaming with Hellscapes.

    Advanced Fighting Fantasy was reborn as a 2nd Edition back in 2011 by British publishing Arion Games and has now grown to 13 books. With their 14th book, Titan Herbal, they are looking at providing a comprehensive guide to the Herbs and Herbalists of the world of Titan.

    Kobold Press have just launched a Kickstarter to bring to life a revised and expanded hardcover of their New Paths Compendium for the Pathfinder RPG. New Paths will include new classes, feats, spells, and art, from arcane paladins to warlocks. Want to know more…?

    Shades of Vengeance return to Kickstarter to fund a print edition of their Era: Hitman RPG. The game is uses the Era d10 Rule Set, making it compatible with all the other Era games such as Era: The Consortium (sci-fi), Era: Survival (survival horror), Era: Silence (high fantasy), Era: Lyres (low fantasy) and Era: The Empowered (superheroes).

    The Chapel on the Cliffs, the first Kickstarter by Goblin Stone, is a 5th edition horror adventure optimized for a group of 4-5 characters of 3rd level. In this module, the characters will need to explore the ruined village of Kennmouth and its surroundings, find out why a small army of skeletons rises from their graves every night to drive out intruders, and search for a way to lift this unholy curse.

    Steve Gaudreau has had a string of successful Kickstarters making maps but this time round he’s turning his creative talents to some amazing looking gaming accessories – with personalised GM Screens, Wooden Players Books and a really nice looking wooden Initiative Tracker up for grabs!

    I loved Torg. I remember when it was first released in 1990 our group got the Possibility War bug hard. We were subscribers to the Infiniverse magazine (no mean feat as a UK group pre-internet days) and I certainly wasn’t the only one who brought every new release for the game as soon as it hit the shelves. We played Torg a lot. And I mean “a lot”. I still have a lot of fond memories of the campaigns we had and keep looking longingly at my Torg collection wanting to dust them off and return to explore the Cosms. Well, now that Ulisses Spiele have launched the Kickstarter for Torg Eternity I’m guessing they’ll be a lot more Torg love going round which means they’ll be a lot more games being played. Win win for me

    The Swedes are certainly enjoying their recent rise up the Roleplaying Hierarchy with a string of “Hot New and Cool” RPGs being translated into English (largely courtesy of Kickstarter). Indeed this years most anticipated RPGs list here on EN World, as voted by you guys and gals, saw RPGs from Scandinavia dominate the list. Now it’s the turn for the multi-award winning Western RPG from Askfageln… and they’ve hired some Industry Vets such as Ken Hite, Will Hindmarch, Graeme Davis and August Hahn to contribute too!