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    For Coin & Blood is Gallant Knight Games old-school inspired fantasy RPG that gets you playing the sum and villains that you’d probably be more at home fighting in other fantasy games. Assassins, cult leaders, thieves, fallen nobles, mercenaries, necromancers, and more, the game is about antiheroes rooted in the darkest recess of mankind’s depredations.

    Lester Smith (Dark Conspiracy) is bringing us a taste of horror with his latest roleplaying game D13. The game is for “running truly horrific adventures in campaigns across time and space. Characters face the real threat of death or madness in individual adventures—unaware that they are also threads of existence for supernatural beings battling a greater darkness.”

    Limited to 100 copies, The Complete Vigilante Hack compiles The Vigilante Hack, A City Full of Sinners and an all-new, previously unreleased, book called Sanctuary Asylum. Based off The Black Hac,k by David Black, each copy of this 6”x9” softcover will be signed and numbered. Each backer will also receive a PDF copy of The Complete Vigilante.

    Metallic Dice Games have been making full-sized 16mm metal dice for a few years but their latest Kickstarter is aiming to bring four colours from their metal range down a size or two… all the way down to 10mm. Available in Antique Copper, Antique Gold, Antique Silver, and Torched Rainbow, the dice are available in 7-die polyhedral sets, as well as individually and in sets of d6’s and d20’s.

    Part artbook, part bestiary, Faerie Fire is a stylish bestiary for 5th Edition featuring over 30 artists. Faerie Fire is inspired by the neon noir aesthetic of the late 80s, with a touch of Trapper Keeper, and a spot of 90s Lisa Frank thrown in for good measure--we're calling it fairypunk. Adventurers making their way to the fairy wilds will meet creatures strange and new: some beautiful, some curious--but all of them dangerous in their own way. We also introduce the Plane of Living Light, a mysterious realm that can be skillfully manipulated by warlocks imbued with the Living Light. With magic reminiscent of neon lights and holograms, and a fey court full of glamour, the fairy wilds are filled with creatures dazzling and deadly in equal measure.

    Infinite Galaxies is a Powered by the Apocalypse game for 3-6 players. The system has been tweaked slightly in places in order to “better model stuff like star ship combat, robots, aliens and other hallmarks of Sci-Fi!”

    It’s hard to imagine that The Folio series only started three years ago. The series has been creating some great quality adventures, and supplements, for both 1E & 5E on a regular basis and built it’s company, Art of the Genre, a strong reputation for fulfilling their Kickstarter campaigns and earning them a loyal following. This latest campaign looks at returning to where everything started, and reprinting the very first Folio that started it all off.

    Deep Dungeon Games are creating eight decks of cards containing a range of new magical items for use with 5th Edition rules. Each deck is starting off with 20 base cards, but each could expand to 34 cards if stretch goals are met. Each deck will consist of 4 common, 5 uncommon, 5 rare, 5 very rare, and one legendary item.

    Musicland is the third expansion to the Castle of the Mad Archmage megadungeon adventure for OSR games. In this adventure, the characters are catapulted to a parallel dimension called Musicland where musical instruments are alive, people speak in musical notes, and the King of Instruments produces melodies that embody the Platonic ideal of music itself.

    Kobold Press’ Creature Codex brings over 300 new monsters to 5th Edition, including lotus golems, wasteland dragons, shadow goblins, and so much all. All Creature Codex Kickstarter backers can also submit their own original monster designs for possible publication.

    Masters and Minions is an all new 5th Edition supplement featuring detailed NPCs and a focus on how to use their minions with convenient, time-saving, tips.

    L’gat’s Tome of Amazing Creatures is a digital PDF of homebrewed and reskinned monsters for use with 5th Edition by Jarin.

    The Blood Plague is a Dark Fantasy Adventure Module for 5th Edition for characters levels 3 to 5. The adventure focuses on a deadly plague that has struck the world of Penumbra and left it’s people reeling in horror at its ferocity.

    Steve Gaudreau returns with the RPG Fantasy Map Compendium, a mega-bargain for map lovers. After 15 campaigns he certainly knows what he’s doing – and with over 150 maps, and 900 icons and accessories to populate them, this will keep your table (virtual or physical) covered for quite some time! The complete set usually sells for over $600 so getting the ‘lot’ for only $109 is a true treasure hoard for adventurers and GMs alike!

    Unleash the first volume of Frog God Games’ iconic Tome of Horrors series, reimagined and redesigned for 5th Edition campaigns. Hordes of sinister adversaries, restless dead, and other horrific monstrosities to gleefully challenge your players’ expectations. Bursting with hundreds of creatures, new additions as well as converted classics, in a library-bound and stitched full color volume. Everybody needs more monsters.

    Shades of Vengeance return to their best-selling game, the sci-fi Era: The Consortium, in their latest Kickstarter. A Universe of Expansions 2 sees a host of new supplements on offer and mirrors a similar campaign in 2016 that unlocked eight expansions to add to the Consortium universe. Each supplement not only adds new story material and insight into the universe, but also provides new dimensions to gameplay.

    Art of the Genre head east for an epic two-part adventure with their latest Folio offerings. Inspired by TSR’s classic Oriental Adventures, and suitable for both 1st Edition AD&D and 5th Edition D&D, Scott Taylor takes players and Gamemasters alike to explore the shadow corrupted Distant Turtle City.

    Advanced Death Saves: More Games, More Rules, More Deaths is the follow up to the original Death Saves: Fallen Heroes of the Kitchen Table from 2015. Created, and edited, by Josh Trujillo, a lifelong gamer and also a writer on comics such as Adventure Time and Rick and Morty, this comic anthology has an international mix of dozens of contributors. The new book contains over 30 all-new stories that celebrate tabletop gaming and the beloved characters who get killed off during play. The book will be a full color, 200 pages, perfect bound hardcover printed in digest format.

    Inkwell Ideas’ Magic Item Card Catalog: 5e Fantasy Reference Cards are sets of trading card sized reference cards covering all the 5th edition magical items that they can legally publish. The reference cards have art on one side and rules, description and possible variations on the reverse. There are six decks of 54 cards available and make keeping track of magic items and their uses in play very easy.

    There have been some great looking dice designs on Kickstarter over the years and The Jacks have joined the fray with their very cool looking Monster Dice sets. The dice are elaborately crafted metal dice and are available in a full polyhedral series from d4 to d20. Check out the designs below…