Leonard Balsera (Evil Hat, SJG) Joins John Wick Presents
  • Leonard Balsera (Evil Hat, SJG) Joins John Wick Presents

    Best known for his work with Evil Hat Productions, award-winning designer Leonard Balsera joins John Wick Presents as part of the team bringing all things 7th Sea into the world as their Creative Director.


    We’re proud to welcome aboard industry vet Leonard Balsera as the new Creative Director for John Wick Presents.
    You may already know Lenny from his work with Evil Hat Productions and his licensing work for Steve Jackson games. Along with years of experience and award-winning designs, Lenny brings boundless enthusiasm and a love for 7th Sea!

    Be sure to give Lenny a warm welcome here, or give him a shoutout on twitter @baneofcows.

    A lot of fans know Lenny's work from Spirit of the Century, and he's been a huge part of the development of FATE overall. He's also been involved with many other companies - White Wolf, Steve Jackson Games, Atomic Overmind Press - and is highly respected by his colleagues and fans.

    Further evidence that JWP is poised to expand its already-impressive influence in the games industry.


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