Coming Soon! Morrus Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk!
  • Coming Soon! Morrus Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk!

    Coming soon to your favourite audio device is a new podcast all about the latest tabletop roleplaying game news! It won't necessarily be accurate, or informative, or even competent, but we will try to have fun! Join Morrus and Peter Coffey each week. You might learn something. But you probably won't.

    We've already recorded the pilot episode, which is being edited right now! Subscribe now on iTunes, Podbean (there's an app on Google Play), even Youtube if you prefer looking at a static image while listening to your podcast.

    And we could really use your support! This podcast costs money to make (in fact it already has - I had to buy all that stuff in the pretty photo below!), so we'd be really grateful for anything you send our way via Patreon!

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    1. Rhineglade's Avatar
      Rhineglade -
      Will it be anything like Coffee Talk?
    1. Morrus's Avatar
      Morrus -
      That depends. Is Coffee Talk a podcast about tabletop RPG news?
    1. Ace-Azzameen's Avatar
      Ace-Azzameen -
      Think Coffee Talk, but more insufferable.
    1. Morrus's Avatar
      Morrus -
      Coffee Talk is like Coffee Talk but more insufferable?
    1. Shasarak's Avatar
      Shasarak -
      It did not have as much Coffee talk as I was expecting but it was only a minute so short and punchy, perfect for that commute to the staff room.
    1. MNblockhead's Avatar
      MNblockhead -
    1. Morrus's Avatar
      Morrus -
      Our pilot episode (Episode 00) is recorded and edited. Needs a little bit of minor tweaking but here's what to expect. It'll be out later this week.

      "In our pilot episode, we stumble around trying to find our feet, and somehow our sound engineer Darryl manages to find some useable content and turn it into a podcast! In this episode we discuss what caught our eyes this week, Morrus has a go on Pathfinder 2nd edition at UK Games Expo, we play our world famous game "Goes what this Kickstarter is about by just hearing the title and nothing else", and cover some recent new releases. We also answer a couple of listener questions about GM screens and Session Zeros. Or Sessions Zero. One of those."
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