RPG News for Thursday, 21 Feb, 2013
  • RPG News for Thursday, 21 Feb, 2013

    Dungeons & Dragons News

    • The Internet Archive has added scans of all print Dragon magazines and nearly all issues of Polyhedron Newszine to their archive. Every print issue of Dragon and nearly every print issue of Polyhedron available for free download in PDF, Kindle and DjVu formats! (Thanks to Echohawk for the scoop, via RPG Geek).
    • A World Worth Saving by Chris Perkins -- "You've put a lot of time and energy into your campaign, so why are your players trying to tear it down? Maybe it's the NPCs who are to blame."
    • Unearthed Arcana: Cavalier by Jason Thompson -- "In celebration of Unearthed Arcana's release, we'd like to offer the following cartoon—today considering the 1st Edition version of the cavalier!"
    • BoardGameGeek: Blood of Gruumsh Contest -- "Welcome to the Dungeon Command: Blood of Gruumsh Contest! Be one of the lucky winners to answer BoardGameGeek's questions correctly and you just might be adding Blood of Gruumsh to your warband in no time. Good luck!"
    • My Best Bud, D&D by Jon Schindehette -- "Jon is giving you two assignments to do in this week’s column. Come see what they are, and please do join us in tackling them!"
    • Unearthed Arcana: Barbarian by Jason Thompson -- "In celebration of Unearthed Arcana's release, we'd like to offer the following cartoon—today considering the 1st Edition version of the barbarian!"
    • In this week's D&D Next Q&A Rodney take a look at system mastery, bounded accuracy & the importance of terminology (the latter subject being something I wrote an essay on right here on EN World about a year ago!)

    Pathfinder RPG News

    • While I was dying from ebola (read: while I had a cold yesterday), Paizo announced the RPG Superstar Top 8 for 2013! In Round 4, they will be creating a Golarion Location, Map and Encounter.
    • Hugo Award-winning author Tim Pratt's latest, Liar's Blade, is out now from Pathfinder Tales.

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    EN World's News

    • Apologies for the lack of news yesterday -- I had a cold. I got better! While I have your attention, though, I thought I'd mention some progress on some of the features being redesigned after our Kickstarter. The Gamers Seeking Gamers system (completely retooled) is almost done, as is O.G.R.E. You should see both in the coming weeks! The Campaign Manager has also had some significant work completed, which you can see implemented already (though we have more to do!)
    • We have a brand new shiny review of the Midgard Campaign Setting by Wolfgang Bauer! "I have to say that the Midgard Campaign Setting is possibly one of the best products I’ve ever reviewed from Open Design – and that’s saying a lot considering how many products they’ve invited me to review over the past few years! And as settings go, this release puts Midgard easily in the top 5 settings I would personally run for my gaming groups with just about any fantasy adventure role-playing game system."
    • Fiddleback writes his second installment of boardgaming column Do Not Pass Go, where you can find out why he worries about WizKids.
    • Rel's gaming books weigh one hundred and thirty-two pounds. He talks about gaming budgets and impulse purchasing.
    • Treasured Talents is Kamikaze Midget's topic, in which he looks at t two features of early D&D that have fallen by the wayside in more recent editions: random magic items, and wizards adding found spells to their spellbooks; and asks "what would a game look like if you did that for 100%, or even 90%, of a character’s abilities?"
    • If FASA's old Star Trek RPG is your thing, I just recently did some homebrewed cartography (by which I mean I took some existing maps and edited them) - I've put a galaxy map on a hex grid, and inserted FASA's The Triangle setting into the more canon maps.
    • Echohawk's made another of his quizzes. "This edition of the D&D trivia quiz is all about dragons. You are welcome to use Google and the Internet as much as you like while trying to answer this quiz. For some questions, it might even help!"

    Roleplaying Games News

    • Fate of the Norns has a pile of news!
      • Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok will be making an appearance at PAX-East running games all day long on all days except the last, where they will only have an 11am slot.
      • Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok - Fafnir's Treasure went into print at the end of January and is now available.
      • Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok - Fafnir's Treasure was reviewed by Penny Arcade.
      • They were interviewed by Penny Arcade two days later.
      • Book #2 of the new edition: Core Rulebook will be released in the next 3 weeks! Exciting times! 400 pages of pure apocalypse goodness!
      • They just announced book 3 of the new edition: Denizens of the North and revealed the cover art.

    • Mongoose has released Special Supplement 3: Vehicle Upgrade Manual for Traveller.
    • Lightweight Role Playing is "the tabletop game for people who have always been curious about role playing games, or just want something faster to play."
    • Hydra Games has launched a kickstarter to release a new campaign setting. Stretch goals "involve several adventure modules and a novel set in the world. The top goal is also a new guide book called Book of Vile Villainy which is a book design for the villain in all of us."

    Community News

    • DM Fiat interviews Stan!, cartoonist, game designer, and author. He discusses his past career with TSR and Wizards, while providing an update on his current projects.
    • Geek's Dream Girl reports on the School Days RPG, with characetrs and a class project available for yoinking.
    • Curveballs and Odd Traits are the NPC-developing secrets presented at Gnome Stew today.
    • KobodlPress calls in the cavalry for Pathfinder -- mounted combat! Something I think has never been done well for D&D/Pathfinder.
    • James Wallis is getting busy with his new Kickstarter - he's been interviewd by RPG Geek, GMS Magazine podcast, and the Little Metal Dog podcast (which is hosted by EN World's boardgame reviewer, Michael Fox).
    • The Dungeon Bastard has a new video - Dealing with Drow! Sometimes your party get in over its head. What do you do? You turn to the Bastard!

    Boardgaming News

    • Play Board Games has a good review of Formula D, a board game based on F1(and street, in this particular edition) racing. Players race around a track, usually based on real world locations, while paying attention to gearing, tire wear and a multitude of other things.
    • More Shadowrun: Crossfire Designer Diary goodness from Mike Elliot as he talks about the cooperative part of cooperative gaming and the particular take on it for Crossfire.
    • Privateer Press is releasing a Hordes: Gargantuans book. You can get in on some of the pre-release action by participating in the Gargantuans Book release Event. Head to Privateer Press's page and download the necessary PDFs.
    • Mayfair Games has outlined the incentives for their Retail Preorder Promo Program. Featuring limited edition expansions for at least three games and 2 posters, folks can get them by pre-ordering certain games from their participating FLGS.
    • Going to ReaperCon? Thinking about going to ReaperCon? Reaper Miniatures has posted a list of classes you'll be able to attend while there.
    • Previews of the second wave of single ship boosters for Fantasy Flight Games' X-Wing Miniatures game continue with a look at the A-Wing. With speed to match the TIE-Interceptor, superior maneuverability and the ability to take an Evade action, the A-Wing, and it's pilots, promises a unique user experience for fans of X-Wing.