Poll of the Week: What's the best gift for your GM?
  • View Poll Results: What's the best gift for your GM?

    • Dice

      72 18.60%
    • Game Master's Screen

      36 9.30%
    • Rulebooks

      144 37.21%
    • RPG-themed Clothing

      74 19.12%
    • RPG-themed apps for phone/tablet/computer

      11 2.84%
    • Theme Music

      17 4.39%
    • Miniatures

      172 44.44%
    • Terrain

      66 17.05%
    • RPG Decor (lamps, tables, wall-hangings, etc.)

      57 14.73%
    • Other (explain in the comments)

      28 7.24%
    Multiple Choice Poll.

    Poll of the Week: What's the best gift for your GM?

    The holidays are coming up so it's time to start thinking about what to buy your fellow gamers, especially the critically underappreciated game master in your life. But what to buy? Take this poll and let us know!

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    1. Terry Herc's Avatar
      Terry Herc -
      I put minis because they are expensive and get used by everyone at the table. A think a bulk pack or something (especially painted!) would be my favourite gift
    1. Blue's Avatar
      Blue -
    1. Blue's Avatar
      Blue -
      I like best is something for the game - a rulebook to add in, monster minis if the game uses them, etc.

      Next tier would be things like another game - one that perhaps will be next when the current campaign is over, or something like Microscope that can fit so many. And a bit of geek pride with cool dice or clothing.
    1. Badvoc's Avatar
      Badvoc -
      Minis. You can never have too many minis (although my wife would disagree... )
      Closely followed by a rulebook.

      I would have said dice, but I think a lot of people tend to be weirdly specific about the dice they like to use.
    1. Maxperson's Avatar
      Maxperson -
      A Maserati.
    1. GreyLord's Avatar
      GreyLord -
      Beer...that's it...Beer.

      Preferably his/her favorite brand of brew.
    1. Olaf the Stout -
      I voted minis and terrain, but honestly I'd be happy with anything. In all my years of DMing, the only think I ever received as a gift from a player was a d100 (which was very gratefully received).
    1. aramis erak's Avatar
      aramis erak -
      I'm usually the GM.

      I prefer gift certs or rules on my wish lists.
      I don't mind at all suitable RPG related garments.
    1. Tormyr's Avatar
      Tormyr -
      Engaging in the story and world they have built for you and adding your own parts to it to take the collaborative storytelling to the next level.
    1. Lanefan -

      - more time for gaming, something craved by probably every DM out there
      - beer or other fine beverages
    1. Campbell's Avatar
      Campbell -
      Play your character like you are driving a stolen car!
    1. werecorpse's Avatar
      werecorpse -
    1. Jeff Carpenter's Avatar
      Jeff Carpenter -
      One of those make you own coupon books with ones that say " I will give up on my 15 minute argument about why I should receive a +1 bonus for some nonsensical interpretation of the rules" and "I forgive you that your forget to take an action for one of you fiveteen enemies you are running and let you retrocon it" or "I'll stop trying to justify a skill I don't have based on my 20 page backstory I'm sure you didn't read" or " I accept it's a game about elves and that the rules don't always follow real world physics and shut up about it. "
    1. Von Ether's Avatar
      Von Ether -
      Rulebook that for once I don't have to buy. Though the odds are if a player gets me a rule book, there will be an ulterior motive.
    1. Jacob Lewis's Avatar
      Jacob Lewis -
      Theme music! And I want it played every time I leave or enter the room, and when I make a ruling predicated on your poor character decisions and life choices. And when I make a roll that will ultimately decide if your character will survive the next round of combat, or if you will be rolling up another hapless adventurer because your parley attempts have offended the uber-trolls daughter.

      And pyro if you can find it in the budget.
    1. rknop's Avatar
      rknop -
      A group spirit and a willingness to go along with the story that the GM and the rest of the players are trying to create. The ability to have your own character be an individual without making that individual so uncompromising that you refuse to accept another character, or to play the game that is there. Willingness to make a character that fits with the genre. Making your character effective without trying to break the scenario because it's "hilarious".

      This is the best gift you can give your GM.
    1. Jer's Avatar
      Jer -
      Gift cards to your local FLGS or to the OneBookShelf family of sites (DriveThruRpg, RpgNow, DmsGuild, etc.) or to Amazon. Getting specific books for your GM is always tricky - they may already have it or someone else might also be getting it for them for Christmas. A gift card allows them to buy what they think they need, which is always nice.

      And if your GM also hosts your games at their home, food and alcohol always make great gifts at the holidays.
    1. 5ekyu's Avatar
      5ekyu -
      Running a one off so they can play.
    1. imagineGod's Avatar
      imagineGod -
      All the gifts in the poll are nice to have, though helping a GM who already spends a fair bit on rulebooks, get a few more from the Players, offers the wonderful feeling of a truly collaborative experience.
    1. Jeremy E Grenemyer's Avatar
      Jeremy E Grenemyer -
      Best gift is of course their time. It's something they'll never get back, and it sure feels good knowing they'd prefer to spend some of it in your campaign.

      Since we can't gift extra time to our favorite GMs, the next best thing is, in my opinion, the gift of rulebooks followed by the gift of RPG-themed clothing.

      I once received an Order of the Stick themed t-shirt from a player, and boy did I ever wear that shirt with pride to many a game session.
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