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    Saturday, 26th July, 2014
    D&D Equipment Page 
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    A bit of early weekend AM D&D previewage! Equipment pages! It's been a heck of a day - make sure you check out all the other previews today/yesterday! [18 comments]

    The news keeps flooding in today! If it's not the D&D 5E Player's Handbook Table of Contents and Sorcerer, or D&D Spell Cards, it's Zadim, Pathfinder's new Iconic Slayer! This time it's WizKids' official D&D miniatures, courtesy of scooper Ben. Crit to Hit has a gallery of all of WizKids' offerings at the show, but here's the D&D stuff - including that Gargantuan Tiamat we've all be waiting to see and added Bahamut! [31 comments]

    NOTE - I was out of town all day yesterday for family reasons, so there are TWO big news updates today. This one is WotC, but this morning I also posted a big Pathfinder RPG update covering a new Goblin Vinyl Bank from Comic-Con, Zadim the Iconic Slayer, the Optimized Character Contest ending today, and more! Be sure to check that out!

    Dungeons & Dragons News

    • Want to see ALL the 5E Player's Handbook previews I've shown you on this very page so far? I've collected them all together here. There may be more than you think!
    • The Mary Sue interviewed WotC's Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford about the important and sometimes divisive topic of diversity and sexuality in the new game. "For example, in the section on the human race in the Player’s Handbook, the [illustration representing humans] is a black woman. The Click for more about D&Dillustration makes me smile every time I see it. ... Very early on, we decided that we were going to avoid bare midriffs, cleavage, and other common gaming tropes. We only use those if a specific character would actually dress that way. For instance, our incubus is depicted with six-pack abs and a come-hither smile. That makes sense, because as a supernatural creature of seduction and corruption, that’s how he would present himself in the world of D&D." [62 comments]
    • An interview with WotC's Mike Mearls about D&D 5th Edition! "We found that many people in the audience wanted a fast, flexible, and easy-to-play game. That feedback went against nearly 15 years of conventional wisdom in the D&D business. It also stretched across all editions. Even people who loved 4e’s depth were interested in seeing a fast, simple core that they could expand to include deep combat when they wanted it." [79 comments]
    • Official Conversion Guides! Also from the above article: "We’ve already had DMs cook up conversion guides for earlier editions. We’ll be producing official ones that will be freely available in the fall, once we dig ourselves out from beneath the three core rulebooks." [25 comments]
    • Petros Papalianos created an encounter builder based on one of Mike Mearls' articles.
    • If you want to see all the stuff in the D&D Encounters: Tyranny of Dragons Kit, you should click right here. Because that's where you'll find it, courtesy of Dungeon's Master.com.
    • Play Board Games has reviewed the D&D Starter Set.
    • Fantastical though it sounds, someone has rolled up 1,000 characters using the D&D 5E Basic Rules: [6 comments]

    Diesa Torunn, Dwarf (Mountain) Fighter (Defense); S20 D14 C18 I14 W15 C15; 14 hp; Animal Handling, Athletics, Intimidation, Perception; Dice, Vehicles (Land); Common, Dwarvish; chain mail, shield, shortsword, handaxe, handaxe, explorer's pack, insignia of rank, trophy, playing card set, common clothes, belt pouch, t36, 10 gp; ex-Soldier (Officer); T:erronously sesquipedalian, unflinching; I:honor; B:hapless defender; F:tyrant hunted.

    She's about the strongest dwarf on the planet, and probably better than you at everything else too. So why did she leave the army, and why is a tyrant trying to track her down? Anyway, hope she's on your side.

    Player's Handbook Table of Contents & Sorcerer

    WotC sent these over to The Escapist -- the full Table of Contents [36 comments] and the Sorcerer two-page spread! [93 comments]

    Dungeons & Dragons Spell Cards Coming Soon!

    Gale Force 9, a long-time official licensee for D&D products, will be producing a series of D&D "Spellbook Cards" for the new edition of the game. No release date or price has yet been announced, but I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything. "These decks of spell cards are an invaluable resource for any magic-user. Consult the entire deck when selecting new spells to learn, and after a long rest you can set aside those spells you want to prepare for the day. Each deck is made from thick laminated card so they will stand the test of time." So far arcane, paladin, ranger, druid, cleric, and bard have been mentioned. [37 comments]

    GF9 is also producing licensed miniatures. "Sneak peak from Gale Force 9's Tyranny of Dragons minis. Watch out for these 2 in Hoard of the Dragon Queen!"

    Pathfinder Optimized Character Contest Ends Today!

    As I write this there are about 12 hours left in the Pathfinder Optimized Character Contest! With only two entries so far, your chances of winning a prize (a 500-page full colour hardback copy of Act 1 of the ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution adventure path) are pretty good!

    Pathfinder Goblin Vinyl Bank

    Paizo's Erik Mona kindly sent along some photos of the Pathfinder Goblin Vinyl Bank from the Diamond Select Toys booth at San Deigo Comic Con. Diamond is making the Pathfinder Mini-Mates which will be released later this year, but the Gobln Vinyl Bank is new. There's no price or date information yet. Also, if you look at the foreground of the phots, you can see the 2-inch tall Mini-Mates, which shows the scale.

    Meet Zadmin, the Iconic Slayer!

    Here's the latest in my series of previews of the Advanced Player's Guide's new classes and iconic characters. This time, it's Zadim, the iconic Slayer, who will also be playable character in February's Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Wrath of the Righteous. Click on the image for more! I've also previously showcased iconic characters such as Kess the Brawler, Hakon the Skald, Oloch the Warpriest, Jirelle the Swashbucker, and Quinn the Investigator, and reported on snippets from new classes like the Bloodrager, the Warpriest.

    Other News

    Dungeons & Dragons News

    • Clever Move has an article about celebrities and D&D entitled "11 celebrities who might be excited about 5E".
    • The 5E Monster Manual goes to the printers in two days.
    • This morning's episode of Q (morning program on CBC radio, also rebroadcast on NPR in the United States) had a segment dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons, including an interview with Ethan Gilsdorf who recently wrote the article about D&D in the New York Times (thanks to coriolis for the scoop!)
    • Here's the Tavern Brawler feat straight from the 5th Edition Player's Handbook!

    • Brent (@TirionAlexander on Twitter) kindly provided some photographs of the Adventurer League OP kits which he has just received = faction folders and certs. He says: "The kits contain a letter from the faction leader, character sheet, log sheet, table tent."

    Pathfinder RPG News

    • There's a very rare gold-leafed special edition copy of the Pathfinder core rulebooks going up for auction for charity. "The Special Edition features special gold foil logo treatments on the front cover ("Special Edition," "Pathfinder Roleplaying Game," and "Core Rulebook") that clearly mark the book as something very special. The pages are also lined with gold foil along the edges. Only 200 were ever printed, and this copy has autographs from all the contributers.

    The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies Poster

    As always, I make an exception for D&D-specific and Tolkien movies in my news updates. Here's the new Hobbit poster. That's a dragon to be scared of!

    Dungeons & Dragons News

    AN "empty" desk at WotC

    Pathfinder RPG News

    • Click for more about the Pathfinder RPGPaizo's F. Wesley Schneider has written a long article about the Gorgon, which answers the question "So, I have a question about pathfinder's bestiary, specifically about the Gorgon and Medusa. Mytho-historically, the Medusa was an individual Gorgon, and the only mortal of the three. However, in PF's bestiary, the Medusa is the catchall species of snake-haired, scaled persons, and the Gorgon is a weird pertification-breathing, metallic bull from I don't even know where. I understand that these conventions was inherited from D&D, but was there any consideration to 'fixing' this?"
    • Rogue Genius Games has produced Mythic Dragonrider Class Features (or Options, depending on whether you beleieve the cover or the product page!)
    • Rich Baker and James Jacobs spill the beans on their Emerald Spire Superdungeon levels today on the Paizo Blog.
    • Want to work at Paizo? They're looking for two software developers, and a software tester.

    Other News

    • DriveThruRPG has its annual Christmas in July sale. "That's right, Christmas in July is here! Get 25% off of thousands of products by dozens of great publishers! Put the jingle bells on, and keep some jingle in your pocket, too!"
    • Michael Tresca over at Examiner.com is interviewing ENnies nominees. So far he has interviewed Engine Publishing, The Outer Side, and AAW Games.
    • Pegrane Press has made an ENnies sampler available, with excerpts from Eternal Lies, DramaSystem, 13th Age, and Owl Hoot Trail.
    • I've created a nifty Star System Generator. "Generates a star system based on the tables in N.E.W. The Roleplaying Game. This generator creates and illustrates the star(s) and shows, describes, and names all of the individual planets and moons in the system. Hover your mouse over the little moons for their names and descriptions."

    Monday, 21st July, 2014
    Take a look at 5E's WARLOCK! 
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    Dungeons & Dragons News

    • WotC's Mike Mearls lists all of the 42 feats from the D&D 5th Edition Player's Handbook in his latest article. "Compared to prior editions, feats are much more robust in the new game. In the past, each feat gave you a single benefit or bonus. Feats could push your character in a unique direction, but usually only after you chained several of them together." [178 comments]
    • An article over at BoingBoing contains a whole slew of D&D 5E art previews. Also, there's the Warlock page from the Player's Handbook. It's well worth chekcing out the article to see all the gorgeous art, especially the big dragon piece. [95 comments]

    Sunday, 20th July, 2014
    The 2014 ENnies Voting Booth Is Now Open! 
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    The voting booth is now open and you have until July 30 at 7pm Central to cast your ballot. Good luck to all! Click on the logo below to be whisked to the voting booth, where you can vote for the best RPG products of the year, and elect 2015's ENnies judges!

    Voting runs from July 20-30, 2014!

    The 2014 ENnies ceremony will take place on Friday, August 15 at 8 p.m. in the Union Station Grand Hall at Gen Con Indy (cocktail reception begins at 6:30 p.m.).
    How to Vote for Products

    Before voting, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the products. The product titles link to their publisher's websites, allowing you to learn more about that product.

    For most categories, you have five choices (with the the exceptions being 10 each for Fans' Favorite Publisher and Product of the Year). When you vote for products, rank them by selecting 1 for your first choice, 2 for your second choice, and so on. Ranking more than one product the same will result in an error. You do not have to, and are not expected to, place votes in every category!

    If you don't like a product, don't vote for it. You cannot hurt a product's chances of winning by ranking it poorly. To the contrary, you'll help it out if the race goes down to the wire. This system is called an instant runoff.

    In the end, we at the ENnies subscribe to the democratic principle of "one person, one vote." We ask that you not vote more than once (this includes voting on different devices (computers, smartphones, etc.)) and that you not ask others to do the same in order to "stuff the ballot box." As such, you will not be able to return to this ballot once you've submitted your selection.

    I have an exciting competition to announce! It's the EN World Pathfinder Optimized Character Contest! Create an optimized Pathfinder character, upload it to the contest area, and you could win a 500-page hardcover compilation of Act 1 (five adventures) of the critically-acclaimed ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution adventure path for the Pathfinder RPG!

    Here's how it works!

    1. Create a character using 15 point buy (and, optionally, additional 20 and 25 point buy versions, though these are not compulsory). 1st, 5th, 10th or 15th level. If possible, use Herolab to do so, and upload the PDFs of the Standard Character Sheet and the Abilities & Gear Description Appendix. However, Herolab is not a requirement - if you don't have it, a PDF will do using this Pathfinder form-fillable character sheet.
    2. In the description include a standard statblock (if using Herolab simply "Output Hero Statblock" in BB code format and paste it into the description area).
    3. Follow this with some information, description, tactics, how to use the character effectively, etc. so folks know how to use the character.
    4. Your entry name should use the format: Name [race classes; role] -- for example: Capt. Agatha Drake [elf gunslinger 5; musket damage dealer]. The "role" is simply a couple of words to tell folks what it is this character does well - healer, fire mage, sneak attack munchkin, tank, that type of thing.
    5. Here's an example of a character uploaded - it contains a thumbnail image, two PDFs, and the Herolab file, plus the statblock.
    6. The deadline is one week from today - midnight GMT next Friday, 25th July.
    7. FOUR winners will be chosen via public vote - one for each level category (1st, 5th, 10th, 15th). The winners will each receive a copy of the hardcover book.
    8. Any OFFICIAL Pathfinder source is permitted. Third party sources are not permitted.
    9. You may enter as many times as you wish. You can include additional 20 and 25 point buy versions as a bonus extra if you wish, but the 15-point buy version must be present.
    10. It's a character optimization contest, so feel free to unleash your inner munchkin!
    11. Click here to upload your optimized character!

    Good luck!

    Two important new items! First is the preview of the Hermit background from the 5E Player's Handbook [69 comments]. Then, below that, you'll see a starter set character sheet. Click on it for ALL FIVE character sheets in PDF format - both fighters, the dwarf cleric, elf wizard, and halfling rogue! [9 comments]

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    Pathfinder Optimized Character Contest Ends Today! As I write this there are about 12 hours left in the Pathfinder Optimized Character Contest! With only two entries so far, your chances of winning a prize (a 500-page full colour hardback copy of Act 1 of the ZEITGEIST:...

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    D&D Equipment Page

    A bit of early weekend AM D&D previewage! Equipment pages! It's been a heck of a day - make sure you check out all the other previews today/yesterday! http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?357389-Equipment-posted-pics

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    The news keeps flooding in today! If it's not the D&D 5E Player's Handbook Table of Contents and Sorcerer, or D&D Spell Cards, it's...

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    Player's Handbook ToC, Sorcerer! D&D Spell...

    NOTE - I was out of town all day yesterday for family reasons, so there are TWO big news updates today. This one is WotC, but this morning I also posted a big Pathfinder RPG update covering a new Goblin Vinyl Bank...

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