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CR2015 Terrain Generator. It generates the overall terrain type and then the specific terrain for each of the 9 sectors. If there are buildings it says how many, but not which types yet.
settlements in riverlands/marsh
No Category
Forest/Jungle settlement generator
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A medicine used for treating a specific ailment or illness
A random generator for faction activities. The activities are drawn from the 5e skills list. Typical use would be during downtime between adventures, to provide rumours and campaign news and generate adventure seeds. It would be helpful in sandbox style settings and it would also work well with 13...
For all you Chummers out there I present to you a basic Aerospace vehicle Generator for Shadowrun. Fun, Simple, and at the touch of a button! This generator works for 4e and I have attempted to balance the outputs as much as possible but there are still some chances for awesome stuff. Have fun and p...
For all you Chummers out there I present to you a random generator for Shadowrun land vehicles. It is basic, and I will update it until I find it acceptable. GMs are welcome to leave any comment on what you would like to see next or what I can do to improve this generator. This is based off of the 4...
This is a random dungeon room generator for GMs. To use it, select whether your dungeon is primarily above or below ground where you see the variable "abovebelow." The generator spits out a readable room description if you need the room on the fly, and follows that with a table of the room's detai...
What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. quick NPC creation. If the NPC is one of the standard (core) races, select it also; if it is not a standard or core race, select "None" - you will need to manually list racial exploits.
In an infinite universe, there is an infinite variety of weaponry. This generator creates a science-fiction firearm or melee weapon. Roll up ten or so to stock a small science-fiction firearms shop, and soon you can be the proud owner of an Omnistellar E37 Blackstorm Molecule Assault Rifle, a Terrad...
Randomly generates a descriptor for a What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. character. You can choose an individual genre (O.L.D., N.E.W. or N.O.W.), or select "Mixed" to pick races/species/heritages and careers/traditions from the whole gamut of What's O.L.D. is N.E.W.
Conan Style Name Generator
What it's like being in a city.
Make your own Pantheons! Includes data from this wonderful table: http://charm-monster.blogspot.com/2014/04/random-fantasy-deity-generator.html
Hey ho !
Regional information for your new campaign. Run the generator a number of times equal to the number of regions generated for your continent.
Continental information for your new world. After this generator, proceed to the Regions generator to populate your continents!
Simple Test Generator creates individual treasure values by CR
This generator only uses the basic stats and values, not the detailed ones. You'll need to apply those manually. You can enter duration, range, area, etc. and it will give you the total MP value of your selection. Most useful when converting a spell from another system and it's more important tha...
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