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Picks a random Pathfinder class.
If the campaign allows only nonevil alignments.
If you are playing a paladin or some other character who must be good, roll a d6.
Use this table if your campaign allows only nonevil characters.
Picks a random Pathfinder race.
As diverse as they are widespread, humans tend to grow up in small or large societies of people with similar origins and histories, though individuals' paths may run the gamut from idealized to tragic.
Social and amicable by nature, halflings fit equally well in both communities of humans and those of their wily kinsfolk. Prone to wanderlust, halflings can be found anywhere civilized humanoids settle.
Only rarely the result of a happy union between the humans and orcs that bring them into the world, half-orcs are often regarded as monsters. This bleak reality makes those rare half-orcs, cherished as much as the young of any other race, even more extraordinary.
Perhaps no other class exemplifies the acquisition of power through sheer focus and determination as well as the wizard. Neither touched by divine purpose nor blessed with magic in their blood, wizards must spend their entire lives studying the same texts, tomes, scrolls, and recitations to master t...
Some witches make pacts for their power by choice. Many more discover it by accident or circumstance. Roll on the table below to determine which of the following events shaped your early life and sent you down the witch's path.
Most, if not all, spellcasters can call to otherworldly creatures for aid. And though many learn to call increasingly powerful minions to assist them, none boast the same connection to these outsiders as summoners do. A summoner is defined by the bond formed with the single creature that acts as his...
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