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Creates a quick fantasy villain v 0.2. Need feedback on what to improve and add. Check out my Patreon Page for more Generators
A simple fantasy quest generator. Check out my Patreon Page for more Generators
Based on the list by S. John Ross: "What follows is a scrap of trivia . . . my collection of RPG plots, in abstract form. I built this by examining the premises of hundreds of published adventures for all systems (including those systems dear and departed from print), trying to boil them down to com...
Based on wombatveg's seed generator (based on mission tables from Cities by Chaosium) using exactly the same data, but presenting it as a sentence rather than a list.
Random run generator from Shadowrun 5E, page 478.
A simple mission seed generator - based on mission tables from Cities by Chaosium
Originally part of my tavern generator, this section started growing so I split it off on its own. These rumours are still referenced by the tavern generator. For example, a roc has escaped from a travelling circus; the Bonerot Brigade are planning a raid; and Bili Deepfoot the bowyer was attacked ...
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