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Great Knowledge Library
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The Great Knowledge Library: outputs Books with an attached circumstance bonus value related to specific Knowledge skills. Users can filter output based on book quantity aside from minimum, maximum and total book's and library value. Based on the work of Morrus, it has been largely re-engineered to produce consistent book names correlated to their random contents. This generator calls the "Great Knowledge Books" in loop until it gets the most of the user-defined conditions, set by users before execute it. Due to some code interpreter limitations, I've not been able to extend the accuracy of the results beyond actual output [i.e.: {loop: n} function does not compute numeric values greater than a signed-integer, so I've been forced to limit Quantity option to a maximum of 100. Further development could change this behavior, but by now You should get enough of this limits]. This generator follow the rules of in-depth skill use I developed for my 3.5/PF campaigns. For more info about this system, feel free to PM me. Anyway, You can feel free to simply ignore the in-depth skill definition (the RED ones), and use them in-game based on their generic PH Knowledge skills (using a little imagination to understand what each is referring to). - WORK IN PROGRESS: Rate it taking this into consideration. TY.
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by Morrus on 2013-10-06 10:05:15

This is very cool! I'm not sure what I'm choosing with "Min", "Max" and "Total", though. I love the idea, and I can see where you're going with this! It's almost like a request to a librarian for books on a given topic, and it outputs what they find in their library?
by PaleMage on 2013-10-07 15:39:36

My system set the value of a book based on rarity of subjects, in a 6 level tree, numbered in a range 0-5. To level 0 you find general Knowledge skill as for the PH. To level 1 you find a little in depth subjects, the one listed in d20srd here ( From level 2 and forth I developed more in-depth subjects, taken from all the officially published material, mainly from GreyHawk original setting. Every level has a built-in base cost [10|50|250|1000|2500|10000 gp], and the value of each book is calculated this way: basecost+basecost*bonus*bonus. In addition, every book can have additional subjects in it, on a 1/4, 1/9, 1/16 progression. The resulting value is the sum of every single section value. This way you can end up with very wide ranges of values, that i divided into arbitary ranges [Very Common: up to 100 gp], [Common: up to 500 gp], [uncommon: up to 2,500 gp], [Rare: up to 10,000 gp], [Very Rare: up to 25,000 gp], [Unique: up to 50,000 gp], [Relic: over 50,000 gp]. When you choose Min, Max and Total, you set filters for the minimum, maximum value of each book while Total value sets the running total where you have to stop generating books. After filling up the contents of the books, I revers engineered your (Morrus) name generator, and based on $key is set during books generation, I compile a consistent book name using my PaleMage($key_Subjects) tables, using in addition every other existent table I found consistent with my genrator. Due to limited space to explain how it works, I let the users get the most of their use as is, waiting for comments and suggestions. Maybe I need to open a discussion in forums for this generator alone. Feel free to ask additional info.
by PaleMage on 2013-10-07 16:33:35

I forgot to answer your question. Yes, right now, the generator can be used to roll books on shelves in a room, large literacy treasure hoards, up to librarian requests.

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