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D&D 5e Treasure Generator
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This generator will roll up treasure parcels for individual creatures in D&D 5th Edition. Select the CR range of the creatures, followed by the numbers of creatures, and then click Execute Generator. This will generate and display treasure for each individual creature, as well as the total sorted by coin type. The first two Treasure Hoards are also available. I will add the last two hoards as time permits.

NOTE: After running the generator, please do not click "Execute Again" with anything other than "1 time" selected. That is a separate function of the O.G.R.E. system that I cannot disable. It will cause the generator to run that many times, for X creatures each time. The results... may not be what you expect.

Changelog: 0.9

* fixed small error that caused Total Value to display as 1 GP higher than it should
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