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Fantasy Library Generator
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Generate a library of fantasy magical and non-magical books and tomes! Until you've read Nori the Dark's Resplendent Creed of Volatile Illusion, Dolin the Accursed's Dangerous Guide of Unknown Magics, and Bili the Umbral's Telestic Manual of Demented Divinity, you haven't lived! That's not to mention The Fine Handbook Of Divination And Husbandry, The Lexicon Of Illuminated Alchemy By Finor The Infernal, and the critically panned Transformation And Gambling: A Tome By Nofur The Numinous.

But best of all is The Compendium Of Infernal Foods & Preparation By Bain The Illuminated!
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by Lwaxy on 2014-06-21 18:46:33

So very helpful in quickly equipping a small but important private library.
by Fralex on 2014-12-16 17:40:55

"Diabolism and Flower Arranging: a Compilation by Gilhon the Illuminated."
...this is the best thing.
by Jessie Cotton on 2017-07-10 18:00:26

Perfect for book I trying to write thank you.

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