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Random Dungeon Room Generator, System Agnostic
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This is a random dungeon room generator for GMs. To use it, select whether your dungeon is primarily above or below ground where you see the variable "abovebelow." The generator spits out a readable room description if you need the room on the fly, and follows that with a table of the room's details.

The generator's output is a guide or suggestion; it requires you to create the finished product by drawing it in a map, placing the contents in the room, determining what game rules the traps follow, etc.

Before running these dungeon rooms in your game, you'll want to have prepared at least 5 monsters (much weaker, weaker, challenging, stronger, and much stronger than any PC), 3 NPCs (weaker, as strong, or stronger than your PCs), and some notes on what you expect weapon-based and poison-based traps to do. The generator will also produce locks (when it wants to) that are poor, average, and superior quality.

Each room has at least one exit. If that room has only one exit, then the recommended direction is back where the PCs came from. Alternatively, you can close that exit off and use the generated exit instead. If exits are up or down, you must provide the means for PCs to reach those exits (like stairs or ladders).

(Thanks to Hand of Evil for picking so many pockets, and Morrus for having no coin!)
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by Jan van Leyden on 2015-04-15 04:46:13

Great idea! Exits aren't produced yet I assume.
by DMMike on 2015-04-15 14:28:46

Exits coming soon. Especially now that I found the "loop" code.
by DMMike on 2015-04-17 16:59:58

Everything's operational. Have at it!
by DMMike on 2016-09-22 21:03:46

Everything was operational. Looks like my HTML table markup isn't working. I'll fix it as soon as I confirm that it can't be fixed on the server-side.
by DMMike on 2016-11-23 11:36:30

Table looks good again. So does the bear trap under the sturdy rug that I just randomly generated!

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