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Captain Wrigley's Starship Emporium
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Starter ships available at Captain Wrigley's Starship Emporium on Tartarus. The perfect ship for all your trading needs! Finance available! Prices in MCr (1 MCr=1,000cr). Includes starship flaws for older vessels.

Select JUNKYARD for the really cheap ships not on view - these ones are all over 40 years old and very faulty.
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by EnderDalek712 on 2017-06-08 18:54:20

I'll take the 12-year old Karnikov Class IV Freighter, the 16-year old Semaphore Class III Transport, and the 3-year old Rapide Class IV Liner for a total of 2174.682MCr. Would you like me to pay up front, or at a rate of 86987.28cr per month for 5 years?

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