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5E Prep Tool - V 1.1
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5E Prep tool when you only have 5 minutes to prepare!

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Level_Range affects Encounters, Dungeons, Quests and Treasure
Terrain affects Encounters, Dugeons, Settlements and Unusual Locations

General Prep numbers are: 10 Names, 4 Encounters, 4 NPCs, 10 Rumours, 2 Dungeons, 4 Settlements, 4 Quests, 6 Treasure Hoards, 2 Villains, 6 Unusual Locations

Level Range is Low (1-4), Medium (5-10), High (11-16) and Epic (17+)

Generators used include 5E Quick Dungeon, 5E Random Encounters, 5E Quests, 5E Settlements, Sobran's NPC and Name generators and Rumour Generator from Morrus
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