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Table Title: 5E Encounters - Sentient Group Current State
Table Category: D&D Next (5E)

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Encounter current state/activity, used for sentient groups
Roll: 1d38
1-20{PieAndDragon(5E Encounters - Sentient Current State)}engaged in some sort of art
23-25waiting in ambushwaiting in ambush
26arguing amongst themselvesarguing amongst themselves
27playing a gameplaying a game
28talking loudlytalking loudly
29-30observing a religious festivalobserving a religious festival
31setting up campsetting up camp
32breaking campbreaking camp
33gathered around a firegathered around a fire
34presiding over a duelpresiding over a duel
35telling jokestelling jokes
36holding a meetingholding a meeting
37engaged in a lessonengaged in a lesson
38having a mealhaving a meal