START HERE: World of Kulan

START HERE: World of Kulan

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  1. Knightfall
    Feel free to post a general comment here or visit the World of Kulan social group forum.
  2. Angel Tarragon
    Angel Tarragon
    Reveille sounding off. Love Kulan, so I'll gladly be a +1 factor to the forums.
  3. Knightfall
    Only 8 more to go. Heh.
  4. freyar
    I'm with Reveille here; really like your homebrew monsters.
  5. Knightfall
    Thanks freyar! And I'm hoping to get back to my monster creation in the next little while. After the announcement of 4e, I didn't feel really compelled to create new 3e monsters, but I'm slowly getting the itch again.
  6. jaerdaph
    I'm in - let's get that forum!
  7. the Jester
    the Jester
    Nice, thanks for the invite KF!
  8. Knightfall
    Whoa! What a difference a day and a whole bunch of invites make. Three more and I'll be ready to open the World of Kulan forum!

    I'll likely move some of my current threads into such a forum but not all of them. The Lands of Harqual thread and my map thread likely won't move but all lot of the others should get moved, IMO.

    Anyway, it's still too early to decide. Cheers! - KF72
  9. Dog Moon
    Dog Moon
    Two more now, yo.

    It shouldn't be hard to ask a Mod to move the threads though, correct? They've done it before, I know.
  10. Knightfall
    yeah, it shouldn't be hard other than the fact there are a quite a few of them. I recently asked to have my Psionics threads moved to the 3rd Edition House Rules forum, so I won't likely move that one. My Fallenlands thread will definiely get moved as will my monster compilation thread, which I just updated, BTW.

    Once I officially get the forum, I'll likely create threads for Janardûn, Kanpur, and Triadora. I'll also be making a single thread for the various Island Realms, which includes Merria and the islands where I've placed Freeport as well as the Isle of Dread.

    I hadn't created these threads before because I didn't want to clutter up the Plots & Places forum.
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