Further explanation and houserules for Divinity

Further explanation and houserules for Divinity

  1. Nezkrul
    Just a few things I would like to discuss about the divinity templates, and some houserules governing them.

    Divine Abilities- these do not increase your character's ECL unless they specifically say they do, regardless of their benefit. So if you take one to get one of those templates (Dragon Lord, Profane Lord, Sacred Lord, etc) you don't get the level adjustment attached to the template. Your character is not a true-born version of that template, and true seeing can reveal a faint silhouette of your original form inside your templated form.

    Ways to acquire more Divine Abilities:
    - Once, every 5 class levels, when you would gain your 6th class level/hit die, instead of leveling up you may spend all of that experience (required to gain only that level) to gain a divine ability. This option becomes available to everyone at the time they would gain their 11th, 16th, 21st, etc... class levels. If you started with a +1 level adjustment and bought it off, then adjust these class level numbers down by one (10th, 15th, 20th, etc). This option of "buying" a divine ability with experience works like buying off a level adjustment, but has a set standard of every 5 class levels gained.
    - You can refrain from picking feats until you have refrained from choosing a 6th feat in a row, and instead pick a divine ability.
    - You may spend 1/5 of the quintessence required to gain the next divinity template in order to gain another divine ability, however the resulting Qxp you have left can't be less than the minimum for your divinity template. You may do this once per divinity template level (disciple, prophet, hero, etc.)
    - You may spend a cosmic ability slot to choose 6 divine abilities instead. No one will have this option for a prohibitively long time.
    - Divine Abilities may be retrained to other divine abilities, similar to feat retraining in the PHB 2, except the cost is 5,000gp x your divine bonus, and requires 2 weeks of training x your divine bonus. This may be done once per divinity template rank (disciple, prophet, hero, etc)
    - Feats may be retrained into a divine ability with the following stipulation: you pay for the re-training as per PHB 2, but instead of picking a new feat, you "refrain" from picking a feat. Once you have retrained your sixth feat in this way, you choose a divine ability to gain, instead. This has the same restriction as retraining feats (ie one feat per level/hit die may be retrained, and only at the time of leveling up/gaining a new hit die).

    Ways to acquire a Cosmic Ability:
    - You must have the divine rank "Greater Deity". Such powerful forces in the universe cannot be mastered by lesser beings.
    - If you are a Greater Deity, any cosmic ability you gain will be esoteric in nature, and only usable in very specific/precise situations.
    - You may give up 6 Divine Ability slots to pick 1 Cosmic Ability
    - You may spend half of the quintessence required to gain the next divinity template to gain 1 Cosmic Ability. You cannot spend so much Qxp as to be under the minimum required for your current divinity template.
    - Cosmic+ Abilites cannot be retrained.
    - Feats cannot be retrained into a Cosmic+ Ability
    - You may refrain from taking 36 feats in order to choose 1 Cosmic Ability, as the feats are gained

    Portfolios: Everyone starts with 1, and the other is chosen by the GM. Each of them has roleplaying requirements not described in their statistics. If you want me to favor the decision for a particular portfolio choice for your character, you must meet the listed prerequisite, and must roleplay very well towards the aspects and qualities of that portfolio. But reality is fickle, and you may not end up with the 2nd portfolio you wanted, but the GM's choice will be meaningful to the character and story.
    Appearnace and Demeanor: You do not take on the full qualities of these until you have gained the Hero Deity template and have become immortal. Until then, they are just roleplaying tools.
    Competence bonuses from certain portfolios will stack with other portfolio competence bonuses so long as the requirements are met for all of them at the same time.

    Portfolio Domain Spell-like Abilities:
    - are not "at-will" until you have gained the Hero Deity divinity template and have become an immortal
    - can't cast all of the spells on the domain until you have enough hit dice, as per a cleric casting the next higher level of spells (6 HD = up to 3rd level spells, 7 HD = 4th, 9 HD = 5th, etc)
    - are treated as divine spell-like abilities
    - can be used in magic item creation as if you know/have the spell prepared
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