UK Gamers

UK Gamers

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  1. Mathew_Freeman
    If anyone spots any other UK Gamers that they want to invite (and if you can't do that yourself) then post them up here and I'll send out the invitation.
  2. Dlsharrock
    Will do
  3. bobthehappyzombie
    Is anyone else going to Gencon in Reading?
  4. RabidBob
    Hi all,

    Does anyone run or know of a group looking for another player in west/south London or around the Wokingham/Basingstoke/Weybridge/Farnborough areas? It's about time I started playing again!

  5. Bagpuss
    I'd love to go to Reading, but I'm not sure my wife would appreciate me using my paternity leave to go to a RP convention when I should be helping with our new born.
  6. wedgeski
    Greetings all, another UK gamer signing on...
  7. Big Mac
    Hi all. I would go to GenCon Reading, but it is outside Zone 6, so my Oyster Card says: "no".

    Joking aside, does anyone know if they will be knocking out 3rd edition books cheap at GenCon?
  8. Mathew_Freeman
    Bagpuss - congratulations on your new born!
  9. humantorch40
    Hey chaps, thks for the invite my names Dean and im from east london/Essex. Hope you are all well.
  10. Bold or Stupid
    Thanks for the invite, now I feel all validated .
    Anyone else in the North West.
  11. Kithran
    My parents live in the North West but I'm based in Southampton.
  12. Morrus
    Kithran, you should join Southampton Gamers United!
  13. Kithran
    I did yesterday (before I joined this group

  14. Morrus
    Aha! Well that serves me right for not paying attention!
  15. adaminswindon
    hi all, in swindon at the moment anyone nearby running or looking for a game?
  16. PillBox
    Hi all,

    I am based in North Yorkshire between Leeds and York. Looking to join a group if possible.
  17. Wizard Biscuits
    Hi folks, North East gamer in the Newcastle area here. Looking to put together my own group too.
  18. Grimdour
    Hi folks, Cardiff newbie here, looking for a group.
  19. pim_sarah

    Norwich gamer (I say gamer I havent played yet, boooo) looking for a game in the area, if you dont mind a complete noob.

  20. Arbanax
    Hi folks signing on for Devon (north if possible) but its a bit of a wasteland up here thank goodness for PBEM.

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