Adventure Requests/Suggestions

Adventure Requests/Suggestions

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  1. Living PF Judge
    Have a particular location, enemy, play style, etc., that you would like to see feature in an adventure? Or simply have an idea for an adventure you do not wish to run yourself. Post it here for perusal by LPFs DMs. We cannot promise someone will run with it, but as a rule our DMs are delightfully accommodating fellows with movie star good looks so you might just get lucky.

    Hopefully we can also persuade some more people to take up the Screen of Opposition and try their own hands at DMing an LPF adventure.
  2. Ace Cipher Zero
    Yes please... I have a chain of adventures in line (as in, multiple quests people can drop in of/out of), and I would take a large number of players, but I just need a starting point. Preferrably one that involves some random, unexplainable attack by undead (And give specifics on the goeography, I haven't been able to read up much on this campaign setting please )
  3. Walking Dad
    Walking Dad
    ACS, any particular reason your 'adventure path' doesn't just start with an undead attack? Just curious.
  4. Ace Cipher Zero
    Well, it would. But I need to know more of the geography of this world first, its rather hard to understand from what I've read on the wiki. And there can also be all kinds of affiliations with theive's guilds, Orc tribes hired as muscle, etc.
  5. fggs02
    I would like to see an adventure with an underdark typed theme something within the bowels of the earth with some sort of unusual entrance into the underdark areas.
  6. Ace Cipher Zero
    Alright alright, thank you fggs, for giving me the inspiration to solve this. Your request will be granted, although not immediately (since most parts of the underdark, I'd assume, wouldn't be all that hospitable for 1st level characters, and I don't DM like that). Expect something soon, once I have some authorizations to do some stuff I think I need authorization for.

    EDIT: Sorry judges, need a little bit more time, newly-proscribed sleeping medications are certainly effective.
  7. GlassEye
    Ace, not sure what sort of geography you need but there is the wiki (look under the Geography link under the 'World of E'n' heading; that's all that's been officially approved to date) or check out the INDEX which has most of the proposals to date and their status. If you find something in there that you could use feel free to nudge the judges and say 'hey, I need something like this, asap' and we'll try to make it a priority. OR you could create whatever it is you need and make a proposal which will, eventually, get voted upon.

    As for underdark & authorization, again, make a proposal or contact the judges. There is a proposal (Brithe) in the works that contains an entrance to the underdark but it has yet to be fully hammered out.
  8. GlassEye
    Orlando Furioso
    AKA 'Fury'
    currently Rogue 2 (with a combat focus)

    History/Goals: Right now Fury is living rather fast and loose. He doesn't have a steady job. His father was murdered and he only knows it was a Planks bravo. After killing a few bravos in revenge Fury realized that he was becoming what he hated. He's a Planks bravo himself but has recently been inspired by the Red Hand Society to do some good work. Right now, Fury is looking for some of that 'good work' and it would be nice if it could be set in his home territory: the Ranocchio 'Planks' district of Venza.

    The way I see it, there are two ways to advance in Planks: crime and politics. Fury has had his fill of crime although dealing with criminal organizations like the Red Bill Gang, perhaps, might be a good way to get killed do a good deed. I think it would be awesome if Fury would have a series of opportunities (i.e. adventures) to become a political somebody in Planks and, maybe, eventually a member of the Council of the People or even one of the Eleven. Of course, this would entail a lot of long-term NPCs...

    In the short term, Fury would be interested in something like the 'Venerable Society of the Crossed Swords' (a dueling society which doesn't actually exist in Venza, yet, which reminds me: I need to make a proposal) something tiered so 1st levels only fight first levels, etc. and where people can just spar, most likely without gaining experience for it.

    Maybe some adventure dealing with the temples since his sister was sold to the Temple of Cortessa (most likely illegally) to serve as a hierodule. And (selfishly) anything that would allow him to show off his mad acrobatic skillz (thanks, HM, for allowing me to run and jump across the backs of those penned sheep).

    By the way, everything in Fury's background is open for DMs to use against him. Fury could use some NPC friends, contacts, and, once the property rules get hammered out, neighbors. Again, lots of NPCs.

    I know, I know. This is all very 'Fury' focused but, hey, this thread is all about what you want for your character isn't it?
  9. Aldern Foxglove
    My prospective 2nd Character Raynucio Vega is the last surviving member of a Scarlotti family. They died in a fire at their mansion, under suspicious circumstances. I would quite like to explore that, though Raynucio is something of a blunt instrument and thick as two short planks, so it would probably need to be in the context of him being used by other parties.
  10. HolyMan
    For Markas Shieldheart I wish for him to become a baron or some type of land owner. I see him as a ruler who goes out and gets his feet dirty protecting the people of his lands.

    But that is a way way out there goal till then he will protect who he can when he can.

    Some brainstorming while I was on forced vacation are as follows.

    - Sometime during all the adventures that are running I would like refrence to a wizards tower explosion in downtown Venza proper. This would not only give everyone a where were you when that happen, but since all characters would know about it, it would be a link need to establish a living world. Later I will provide an adventure for those who wish to explore what happened (Proposal in works mainly dependent on character lvls).

    - Ogre marauders: I picture a side encounter everyone can use to again establish a link to characters who haven't yet met. Two ogres live somewhere outside town and are always harassing travelers. They are like twiddle Dee and twiddle Dumb from Alice in Wonderland. They are always about and are fast, escaping whenever something goes wrong or stabilizing even if dropped below zero HP.

    - Other tie in from one adventure to another. I have planned a dwarven relic chasing adventure but the lead in could come from a different game. Thinking a dire boar rampages through the market square and in doing so uncovers an artifact buried in a crate of fruit. Smugglers? Dumb luck? Who knows. Anyway the dire boar encounter can be in any game (lvl3 or higher maybe?) and afterward a relic dealer will seek out another party at the Dunn Wright to investigate.

    Stuff like that. I also have the following adventures outlined and working on (waiting for Bestairy 2)
    *A haunted house
    * mysterious thefts to investigate
    * a way cool adventure I just can't blurt out
    * a dry well that now leads to a cave network
    * missing riverboat to go and find down the Ouhm,
    * Gnoll's making villagers pay them "protection tribute"
    * Overdue Horselords to bring in newest stock (have Horselords of the Pell proposal thought out need to type it up) - lot of mounted combat in this one
    * Rescue - merchants, pilgrims, courtiers??
    * Orc bandits - standard and still working on the twist (do I need one?)

    anyone may feel free to use these quick ideals (except for the top three - thanks) if it gets there creative juices flowing.

  11. Aldern Foxglove
    I would really like to see some longer adventures, or adventure series, that are not modules.
  12. Maidhc O Casain
    Maidhc O Casain
    I second the vote for longer adventures, though I don't particularly care whether or not they're modules (as long as they're good modules ).
  13. sunshadow21
    If someone wants to do something with the Silver Road, I won't be getting back to DMing for a long time. Real life has intervened and requires the energy and attention I may have been able to give to DMing.
  14. Aldern Foxglove
    It should be noted that A Soul Indiscretion is intended to be part of a sort of loose adventure path, I've got the next adventure already written up though it needs XP and GP rejigging, and the next one after that is already outlined.
  15. Qik
    I've been chewing over ideas for my next stab at GMing, but I thought it would be worth it to see if anyone has any requests. Although I'm open to all kinds of ideas, I was thinking that it'd be nice to run a short solo adventure tailor made for a specific character - i.e. obtaining a new animal companion for a druid, having a wizard research spells, an underwater adventure for a merperson, that sort of thing. So if anyone has any requests or interest, let me know.
  16. sunshadow21
    If you're looking for ideas, look at expanding on stuff presented in other adventures. I know I deliberately leave open plothooks, and other adventures have them develop as part of the story, so there are plenty out there.
  17. Qik
    Ideas are part of it, but I'd also like to maximize interest. It seems like the best way to make my next adventure relevant to the characters of E'n is to ask for ways to do that.
  18. GlassEye
    Well, my previous post of Dec 20 is still valid for Fury (currently unoccupied). Except he's now Rogue 2 / Bard 2 and I've been toying with the idea of spending a couple of my DMC to bump him to Rogue 3 / Bard 2.
  19. Qik
    I'd be game for doing a Fury adventure. I'd like a little time to read up on him (bio/past adventures), but I think it'd be fun. I'd probably steer relatively clear of the political approach, since I feel like that'd require an extra bundle of forethought, but otherwise there are a lot of workable hooks in your earlier post.
  20. Systole
    Since Benevolent Seeker is probably not going to be a PC any time soon, I wouldn't mind seeing Serroth's arc get developed. I have a half an idea of how I think it might play out, but I've no time to GM anything until this semester's classes are over, so anyone who wants to take it and run with it is more than welcome to. You're also welcome to turn Ben into an NPC.

    Now that we have a cosmology and we've got some characters approaching level 5+, that opens up planar adventures, too.

    Lastly, setting up some adventures which open up the old elven Waygates would be a happy thing, because we've got a bunch of really neat kingdoms, but nothing is easily accessible from Venza.

    Hrmmm .... I suddenly have an idea for this as well.
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