Summer 2012 CDM

Summer 2012 CDM

  1. Hellefire
    Hi all, and sorry for my long absence. Won't be my last, but hopefully stable enough for another CDM.

    That being said, do we want to start planning a Summer 2012 CDM?

    Mostly, do we want to do planning? I think it is a good idea to try to generate interest in the idea both for writer participation and for audience participation.

    So - any ideas for advertising? Maybe a nice post explaining the contest to the general populace by any well known local celebrity (by celebrity I mean anyone well known - PC maybe)?

    Also, I've been trying to think of ways to let the 'core' = those who have historically written in CDM and still want to, and new blood both compete, without this group, etc providing unfair advantage to who can get in. Ideas on that? Maybe designate xx spots for new writers for yy days, and if nobody steps up than anyone can jump in that spot?

    And when is good for people? I really like to write and obviously need practice, but I am currently in Alaska and heading to the lower-48 and/or Canada before a CDM can be planned and run, so just doing admin work for this one.

  2. tadk
    I am sorry I missed the March 2012 round of competition so I definitely want in for Summer 2012.
  3. Hellefire
    I was thinking about something like - post a message to generate interest, and announce that sign ups will be up sometime in week xx. Then at some random date during that week, one of us non-contestants will post sign-up. Say at the beginning half spots are open to anybody and half to newbies. Any veterans who sign up after the first half of the general spots go into reserve list. After a week, if there are any spots open the ones on reserve list get the spots in sign-up order. This removes favoritism from being part of this group or advance knowledge of planning, and allows for new contestants IF they want to.

    Still need more ideas for generating interest/advertising. And decide if we want to stick to 8 or 12 contestants or try 16 again. And if we go with 12 if we want the first or second round to be groups of 3.

    And probably a lot more!

  4. maxfieldjadenfox
    I want to have thoughts, I really do. Unfortunately, I don't at the moment. But I'll check back when I do...
  5. Rodrigo Istalindir
    Rodrigo Istalindir
    Summer is bad for me, so this would be a good time to do one where someone else has a chance. To compete, that is.
  6. tadk
    I am fine with any format. Just want back in the game.
  7. Wild Gazebo
    Wild Gazebo
    Okay...this might be a bit too off the wall.

    What about small monthly competitions: very manageable bracketed events. Maximum six entries. All competitors write each round in an elimination format.

    1st two eliminated
    2nd two eliminated
    3rd one eliminated (winner advances)

    Lots of comments accepted: judges perhaps give less feedback to accommodate a smoother transition...and quicker contest. Have word-caps and only a few pictures.

    At the end of six months with have a semi final with the six winners same format.

    Do the same for the next six months. Then have the two contestants battle it out...for the honor of battling last years champion.

    This can be an honor we could ask to have under their avatar or handle.
    We could ask if Morrus will give the winner a free yearly membership.
    We could try to convince one of the may artists on the boards to do an illustration of the winning story.
    We could ask other publishers for free PDFs or other swag.

    If we make it about an annual competition I think we could get people excited and make it a permanent fixture of these forums...that perhaps will get attention from elsewhere as well.

    I know that we don't have a current winner in this format...but I think the talent and history of Piratecat's contributions makes him a fair candidate.

    Or, we can just make the two finalist battle for the title...but I always think the addition of a title holder makes things more exciting.

    Things we would need:

    A permanent rules guide
    An elected or volunteered administrator (with judicial and executive authority)
    A permanent catalog

    I think this will elevate the event to a more compelling contest allowing the old guard and the newbies to compete and enjoy this kinda fun (without overload) for the whole year.

    One of the problems with these contests is that they become very long and drawn out...if they become quick and concise with goals and prizes we will see a lot more interest.

    Concomitantly, another problem is accessibly. If people know about it and there are regular scheduled times (dates I mean) even casual posters will be aware of the events.

  8. tadk
    Just msg or email me when there is a competition
  9. mythago
    wild gazebo, I think that's a good idea; less onerous for the judges, and more friendly to people who only have limited time available (rather than a long commitment). Also, while selfishly I'd love to participate, I think keeping a certain number of slots open for people who have never participated (or have participated only once, perhaps) makes good sense.
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