Posting rules

Posting rules

  1. Universal_narration
    First things first, please use the posting tools on the full options.

    OOC: Such as thought
    I'm thinking

    Or OOC:
    OOC: I use my attack action to attack the alien

    I will use this for GM speak:
    GM: You get hit for 3 damage.

    To spoiler something use spoiler and /spoiler, with [] around each so it looks like this. @Universal Narration [spoiler] This is spoiler text [/spoiler]

    All spoken text should be bold. Like this!
    Without further ado

    Also the captains will get their assignment by PM. Watch your inbox.
  2. Mikhail Zhukov
    OOC: Behold my posting skillz!
  3. Universal_narration
    Just a note, check PMs regularly.

    The link to the thread should be in the top left, you can find it here too.
  4. Universal_narration
    Sorry, I'll post this here as some people didn't get the OOC thing. This is specifically for things that can't be explained in character. Like talking about attack actions, or numerical values about abilities. Meta stuff basically, or out of character comments. If you are describing a scene for your character that's all IC, so no need to put the OOC stuff around it.
  5. Alexander Bauhdric
    Ah, okay! I was just following what everyone was doing on the thread. Woops!
  6. 'Ghost'
    OOC: I'm going to say this now, i am completely new to this, expect mistakes ^^
  7. Mikhail Zhukov
  8. Universal_narration
    Ray (F) has had a good idea by the looks of her post. When working out how well you did for a skill just roll 2d6 subtract your skill level. This will automatically show you your degrees of success or failure.
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