What Games have you Played/GM'd

What Games have you Played/GM'd

  1. Thondor
    Talk about what you've games you've played, and what games you'd like to play.

    I've played and DM'd 1e AD&D (about to DM, I hope), 3.x D&D, and (new)World of Darkness, with and without Vampire.

    I'd like to run Werewolf, Amber Diceless RPG, and Serenity RPG. I'd like to play Mage. At some point I'd like to run some kind of Supers game but I have no idea what one. Right now I'm to busy missing not having any gaming fun at all .

    I'll write more, when there is someone who seems to be reading this .
  2. Kaladhan
    I've played just about anything mainstream I can think of, and some more. Such as :

    DnD : Almost all editions
    Shadowrun : All editions
    Mutants & Masterminds
    Alien RPG
    Call of Cthulhu
    Delta Green
    Vampire : THe Masquerade
    Vampire : The Dark Ages
    Vampire : The Requiem
    Werewolf : The Apocalypse
    Mage : The Ascencion
    Dark Heresy
    Vermines (french game)
    Legend of the 5 Rings
    Kindred of the East
    Amber, Diceless RPG

    I also own a lot more RPG, like Fading Suns or Patient 13, but since I never played/DMed them, I did not list them all.
  3. deadsmurf
    I've DM/GM'd Vampire, D&D 3.5 and 4E and played the two former along with AD&D 2nd, D&D 3.0, a mostly cobbled together BESM (d6 and d20 both) and also some weird almost free-form homebrew.

    The only game I'd really be interested in running these days is D&D 4E, but perfectly willing to play 4e, 3.5, any storyteller except maybe werewolf, and weird things like Over the Edge or Toon!
  4. Thondor
    Interesting that we've all played WoD.

    I'm very excited, it looks like I may be running a game (probably 1e) at my campus. Finally, after four years. Woot!
  5. Guillaume
    I've played and DMed all versions of D&D from 1980 onward, GURPS and FASA STtRPG. I've played in Rolemaster, Werewolf and Vampire one shots.
  6. Thondor
    I've started running a Mage: the Awakening play-by-post game. Took over for the storyteller that had to leave.

    I ran a Microlite20 game recently. The combats went incredibly fast. Got to focus on more of the exciting things.

    I also did run a 1e game. That was pretty sweet too. There's something great about 1e AD&D. One of these days I'll run the Temple of Elemental Evil . . . one of these days. Gotta love what OSRIC is doing for the hobby.
  7. Overman1977
    Played and ran all the iterations of D&D from the Red Box on. Played some VtM, and LOTR RPG, along with Shadowrun. I even tinkered with the Steve Jackson RPG...hehe. Would love to get in some D&D time again.
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