What to do First

What to do First

  1. HolyMan
    Well what kind of game are we looking for you have Lord Soth's picture in your album are you interested in playing in the Dragonlance World?

    Do you want to play or DM?? Or both here in EnWorld you can join a game and start a game.

    You should try the Living EnWorld thread I have a character there a druid (1st lvl) named Jonah who is at the Tavern waiting for an adventure to start. In the Living world everyone makes characters and when an adventure comes along we decide who wants to "take the job" then they go out and adventure another "job" comes along for the people left behind. And when you are done with that adventure you go back to the city buy equipment and magic and then go wait in the tavern for the next adventure to come around.

    We are making something similar for PathFinder, btw. If you like 3.5 then you will love PF more.

    So where would you like to start?

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