1. Thondor
    I don't know much about Cons in the area, so let's all find out some more. Here's one I've been to and one I'll be attending

    Go-Play Ottawa: I've been too GPO twice. Its a quarterly event that just turned one year. Its an off the cuff one day mini-con. Basically if you bring a game to run, you'll get to run it. Its in downtown Ottawa and its a blast.

    FanExpo: I'm attending FanExpo 2009 for the first time (August 28-30). i'm volunteering with Polymancer Studios a montreal based gaming company. I'd like to their website but it is down right now. As far as I can tell this seems to be the big one for eastern Canada at least in terms of mixed cons. (Downtown Toronto, Metro Convention centre)

    Anyone else have some enlightening thoughts/ knowledge of cons?

  2. Guillaume
    I know of two other cons, though I have been to neither of them.

    Draconis which will be held at the Days Hotel in downtown Montréal from October 16th to October 18th.

    CanGames one of the oldest gaming convention in Eastern Canada. It is held every year in Ottawa. The next one is scheduled to be held between May 14th and May 16th 2010.
  3. Thondor
    I've heard of CanGames before and meant to go this year but somehow the date slipped past me. Anyone else been to the event?

    I should also mention Phantasm in Peterborough. The next one's coming up Sept 26-27th. Its billed as an RPG con. But I haven't made it out to it yet. Maybe I'll arrange something this year. Apparently Ed Greenwood will be there this year.
  4. Overman1977
    Go-Play Ottawa sounds funky cool. I'd love to bring a D&D Red Box and get a game
  5. Thondor
    So I managed to make it to CanGames this year. It was pretty awesome. Started a thread so here's the link.
  6. Thondor
    So I am going to try and keep track of upcoming Conventions in the area that I hear about through the 'Event' function.

    Feel free to post any Conventions you know about.
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