Trying to put together a new 4E group ...

Trying to put together a new 4E group ...

  1. Christian
    See this thread in GSG. Along with a few more players, it looks like we'd need a place to play--nobody yet has volunteered to host ... Some of the posters to that thread are interested in online gaming, but I personally strongly prefer F2F, which means finding other groupless players in this area. I did half-volunteer to DM--I have some ideas for a 4E Eberron campaign arc--but I'd love to just play as well, or take turns with someone else DMing.
  2. blackknight8503
    Not sure if your still interested in getting a group going, but I too am looking for a 4E group. I can host and I live in Arlington, which is nice if people from Dallas and FTW wanna play. I wouldn't mind taking turns DMing and I prefer to play inperson as opposed to online. I do have pets if thats an issue and smoking is no problem at my apartment, my gf n I just prefer if its done in the bathroom.
  3. dinoboy
    Wondering if you could use one more.

    I live in downtown Dallas and don't mind driving or hosting
  4. Styracosaurus
    I'm coming to this party rather late, maybe you guys are still around.

    I live in Fort Worth.
    I love to DM.

    I cannot host at this time.

    maybe we can still build something.
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