Cleveland, Ohio Area Gamers and Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans

Cleveland, Ohio Area Gamers and Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans

  1. ColonelHardisson
    Wow, this group has attracted some members! Fantastic!

    Anyone have any thoughts on how to increase membership? I also think there should eventually be a Cleveland Game Day, but that can wait until we increase in numbers. has quite a few people interested in scifi/fantasy MeetUps, but nobody has pulled the trigger on one yet. My guess is that the fee to run a group - $72 every six months - makes people balk. Of course, one can defray that cost by asking for membership dues, but one can't do that until after the initial $72 has been paid to start the group. Times are tough, I know, so I'm going to try to make that leap of faith once I get the money ahead. I'll let everyone here know when I do.

    In the meantime, let's discuss how we can best utilize this group. Any thoughts/opinions/suggestions?
  2. Cullyn
    I'm afraid I've tried most things that I can think of. Going to the area's local stores and spreading the word, posting items on other related websites, and other things of that sort. Sadly though, I've not seen any real hits. A grand example is the fact that the group I'm in is still looking for one more player to fill out our ranks and I've only had the slightest nibble so far.
  3. Joshua Randall
    Who needs Meetup? There's 8 people in this group as of this writing; why don't we just pick a date, time, and location and "meet up" there.

    Also, what are people's thoughts about Living Forgotten Realms (4e)? I have no particular opinion, but at least it is an existing, organized play, and there are Cleveland outposts of it (West/South only, though, as far as I can tell -- nothing East side).
  4. Loonook
    No thanks... I'm working on an incorporation of d20 3rd party materials for smooth and presentable delights in a d20 Modern fabrication that's Urban Arcana without the blatant suck... so none of this Hiroshirealms for me.



    PS: Those who would be interested in mysticism, fisticuffsmanship, and general good times... please give me a holler. Always looking to get a game started out of my Decades cycle. Current possibilities include:

    - Past Games - Have a few ideas kicking around for Victorian Period.
    - 'Modern' Games - Would love to do a run in the 70s/80s period.

    PPS: If you need to check me out (yeah, that doesn't have a good outcome) check out the Good Gaming articles I posted (found in sig).
  5. ColonelHardisson
    Setting up a MeetUp would have the advantage of a sizable pool of people, making a successful meeting more likely. I've had experience with various MeetUps, and the more people in the group, the more likely it is that a meeting will actually occur. Finding a time and place that at least some people in the group can get to is tough. If anyone wants to make a suggestion regarding a time and a place for such a potential meeting, feel free to do so.

    Speaking of which, it would be good to have an agenda for the meeting. It doesn't have to be adhered to, but it helps get the ball rolling. Note that I called this "Cleveland, Ohio Area Gamers and Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans," and I didn't intend for it be only, or even primarily, a game group. If that's the way everyone wants to go, that's cool, but I hope that if someone has a hankering for, say, a scifi book club meeting or a movie viewing group or whatever strikes their fancy, that they feel free to say so.
  6. ColonelHardisson
    Oh, by the way (almost forgot)...I've mentioned MeetUp a few times, and there is a Cleveland area MeetUp for gamers, called The NorthCoast Wargame and RPG Group, that seems pretty active. Link:

    It's not just geared to RPGs, as you might be able to tell from the URL; they have members interested in minis and the like, also. They ask for a $5 membership fee to defray the cost of running the group, but they don't seem to really require it of you unless you have success in finding a group to game with (though that could change).
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