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Welcome to The Lounge

  1. dan89156108

    I hope you all enjoy this gaming experience. I thought that we could start of this little e-club with a little d&d 4e gaming. Anyone is allowed to join in if they want. If we have to many people then I will just dm multiple games at once on different days.

    Here is a little homebrew setting with airships.

    I have been tinkering with a Mediterranean theme. I am also having the main form of player and npc transportation being Airships. Here is the back story and player introduction.

    "This is the lush kingdom of Saaldiana, located on the continent of Alashaara. Saaldiana has experienced 100 years of peace and prosperity thanks to the strength and leadership of the noble ruling family. The kingdom is currently led by the noble and ambitious Isma'il, sun of Khuzaymah. Saaldianna has many lush port towns that are teeming with trade from other nations. The surplus of trade has made Saldiana a very rich nation, an aspect that has made the ancient kingdom of Arieala look upon Saaldiana whith envious eyes. The holy war of 100 years ago are but a lesson taught to school children in Saaldiana, but it is quite different for the elven of Arieala, who live hundreds of years. Their Devastating loss in the great aerial Battles over the straight of Numair, due to the Saaldian masterwork grasp of airship design, has left the Holy War and resulting defeat fresh in their minds. You <The Adventurers> find yourself in the lush port town of Rafiq after your many journeys. On your way to the inn after an exhausting walk through the deserts of eelo'hadiem, You encounter a crowd... What do you do?"

    I also envision epic airship battles, not only player vs monster but also airship to airship combat using a modified skill encounter. The encounter would be something like a series of rolls for a firing turn, then a series of rolls for an evasion turn. Instead of hp, each ship would have a number of success before failure rolls. There will also be a chance to board and capture an airship if the ship has half the failures for a loss. I am still working on the details but I am excited to get this rolling.
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