Warzone Matrix (game store) and Living Forgotten Realms

Warzone Matrix (game store) and Living Forgotten Realms

  1. Joshua Randall
    Last weekend I drove over to Warzone Matrix, a game store near the airport. From the outside the store seems pretty unimpressive -- it's in a run-down little strip-mall -- but inside it's freakin' huge and is packed with games of all sorts. There is ample space for gaming, whether war-, card-, board-, or role-playing.

    I played in the "Weekend in the Realms" event, which was kind of a kickoff for the Living Forgotten Realms (LFR). I'm not a big RPGA guy, but this was a fun event, well organized and run.

    Ryan Kappler, the point-of-contact for the LFR region of which Ohio is a part (i.e., Waterdeep), is a regular at the Warzone, so that is a major plus for anyone playing there.

    I'm heading over there again on Thursday, November 6th, for another LFR game. Maybe I'll see somebody from ENW there. I'm the geeky guy with a dicebag.
  2. ColonelHardisson
    I've also been to Warzone Matrix a number of times. It has an impressive stock of older RPG books and box sets, as well as military books, games, and minis. Root around long enough, and you can find anything from old Avalon Hill bookshelf games to fairly hard-to-find D&D modules. Too much of it was simply piled on pretty much any flat space available, making it tough to sift through. However, last time I was there, they had started moving stuff and cleaning, so hopefully it will all be easier to peruse sometime soon.

    Parking is pretty tight.
  3. Cullyn
    Let me know if anyone needs any more information about Warzone. I actually run the website for Warzone and usually try to keep up to date about the goings on out there even if I can't make it up there as much as I used to.
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