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Power Groups

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  1. Knightfall
    Slaadi Lords
    The Slaadi Lords are an enigma to all who know of them. Chaotic outsiders with a inclination towards destruction and sometimes even evil, the slaadi are surprisingly organized throughout the Outlands worlds. They have built a extensive criminal network that puts even the great Thieves' Guilds of the Throneworlds to shame. There are roughly five main Lords of Chaos, as they are sometimes called and each has different motivations and goals.

    All of the Slaadi Lords except one are of the blue subtype. The fifth slaad is not one of the five main types of slaadi cataloged by the Dragon Empire and is believed to be either a variant type of slaad or a mutant of some kind. This slaad, called Thuy, has the most organized mind of the five and is the defecto head of the Slaadi Lords. This is mainly due to his more neutral outlook on life and the fact that the others are too chaotic-minded to want the job. However, while the four blue Slaadi Lords only lean slightly towards evil, Thuy is completely evil and fits the Neutral Evil, "Malefactor" profile to a T.

    The Slaadi Lords are into every shady deal and illegal vice one can think of. However, the black market services they offer tends to fluctuate widely. They could be selling tainted chulroot juice to arcane addicts one cycle and black market stuffed, furry collectibles the next. Anything goes when it comes to the Slaadi Lords. About the only thing that remains constant is the trafficking of slaves and exotic magic. The Lords of Chaos' best clients are usually evil outsiders or grey & death slaadi, which they do not bow and scrape to. It is widely rumored that Thuy could defeat even the most powerful death slaad in one-on-one battle, which would never happen, as Thuy keeps his highly loyal, elite bodyguards around at all times. (These bodyguards are vicious lizard-like humanoids that were never given a name by Thuy when he first created them as his personal race of thralls.)

    Thuy oversees most of the deals involving magic including magical beast, powerful minor artifacts, and specialized technomancy. He leaves the trading of slaves in the hands of the other Slaadi Lords. The four blues usually don't get directly involved in the day-to-day operations of slave trading, as they are always distracted by the newest vice or hot item. One could call them "trade" junkies but never to their faces. The "organization" is run mainly by whichever smooth-tongued rogue or violent fighter is currently the favored adviser to the individual Slaad Lord. This position has a tendency to be short and profitable if you can get out with your hide intact.

    Only once has Thuy had to intervene and remove an overtly greedy aide to one of the Lords of Chaos. That human, Ful Theraman, ended up as Thuy's personal plaything for nearly ten cycles before Thuy thought he put the man out of his misery. Only three years later did Thuy learn of the soulmech trader who has carved out a small trade empire of his own. Thuy was not happy that Ful's soul had survived and has devoted much of his time towards destroying the soulmech that calls itself "Theraman". However, Thuy is interested in acquiring as much of the TTC's assets as he possibly can and has held his overt forces back. Thuy is especially interested in acquiring the services of Theraman's right-hand-man, the clone known as Manshoon.
  2. Knightfall
    Theraman Trading Collective
    The Theraman Trading Collective just proves the adage that anything is possible. Founded by a soulmech, that calls itself Theraman, the TTC is one of the most powerful merchantile organizations in the Outlands. Theraman is mysterious figure throughout the Aegis region -- the soulmechs history isn't commonly known outside of the TTC. And then, only his most trusted partners and advisors know the whole truth. The Slaadi Lord known as Thuy is one of the only individuals outside of the TTC who knows that the soulmech known as Theraman was once the human known as Ful Theraman.

    Those in the know inside the TTC really don't care about Theraman's history, as the soulmech has proven itself to be a shrewd businessman and honorable CEO of the organization it founded. The time that Theraman spent being tortured, when he was still flesh and blood, by Thuy, taught the sentient machine the value of patience and honor. Two concepts that it had lacked as a human. When Theraman was "killed" by Thuy, a strange alien secretly took his dying body to a wizard and paid a hefty sum to have a Soulbind spell cast just at the moment that Ful Theraman died.

    Theraman, the soulmech, found itself indebted to the alien and was forced to work off the debt by acting as a bodyguard. For just over one cycle did Theraman work to pay off his debt, learning the value of hard work as a result. The soulmech was treated well by the alien and learned the art of compassion. Theraman had soon paid his debt in full to his friend. The alien revealed its true form as a female fraal and explained that she had been watching over his family for two generations. The fraal, called Joiiya, and Theraman's father had been good friends. She explained that there hadn't been a way to prevent the death of his human body.

    Ful Theraman had grown up without his father being around most of the time and the two of them had never been close. He had always resented his father, which had drove him into the life he chose working for the Slaadi Lords. The soulmech felt something lift off his soul and he would have cried if he had still been human. Theraman found his true soul again and gave up the vileness in his soul. Theraman and Joiiya expanded the fraal's medium-sized trading firm into one of the most profitable organizations in the Outlands. Theraman was soon running the organization by himself, while Joiiya helped from behind the scenes. It took only two cycles for the TTC to be competing with other interstellar organizations such as the Gnome Commerce Guild, LifeTrade Alliance, and Artificers' Guild. The TTC is on good terms with the Jade Consortium and respects the boundries set by that group when it comes to selling merchandise in consortium controlled areas. The TTC does not do business with the Slaadi Lords and will even use force against them.

    For while Theraman might have given up evil he still holds a grudge against his old employers. Joiiya worries that such self-inflicted anger and pain might push him back into the darkness and she is constantly reminding him to take it easy once in a while. She is especially worried that Theraman allowed a powerful evil wizard, named Manshoon, too join the TTC roughly a cycle and a half ago. Theraman and Manshoon are, surprisingly, close friends. The soulmech often reminds Joiiya that he too was once a black-hearted man and that she shouldn't judge Manshoon so harshly. Theraman believes he can change Manshoon and makes the wizard work as hard as anyone else. This no nonsense attitude used to really bother Manshoon but he is becoming used to doing his part (and reaping in the benefits).

    The TTC is a member of the Arcanum of the Stars and is one of its biggest supporters. The TTC almost always uses its influence to take a wait and see approach to Arcanum House politics. And while Theraman can't actually join the council itself, several of TTCs key corporate wizards and psions fill out the membership of the TTC in the House. The most vocal of this group is Manshoon and he is the de facto head of the TTC voting block -- another thing that worries Joiiya. She has considered joining the council herself just to keep Manshoon from exerting more and more influence on the TTC Arcanum members. Her disdain for the Arcanum is the only thing that has kept her from applying and she would be the first fraal to join the House if she ever decides to go through with it. She would rather have Theraman break off ties with the Arcanum completely believing that nothing good will ever come from being part of what she calls a bunch of terrorists and hot-heads.
  3. Knightfall
    Here is a list of some of my other AotS Power Groups that have yet to be detailed.
    • Armada of Sehanine
    • Call of Freedom
    • Cult of the Dragon
    • Faithful of the Stars
    • Shadow Imperium
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