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  1. gamerprinter
    Thanks, I fixed it - my fumble fingers typed it wrong...

  2. pawsplay
    I'm currently roughing out a races book for Pathfinder, and a possible mini-sequel to Fistful of Denarii. Other things... hazy, try again later.
  3. gamerprinter
    Just got notified that Cubicle 7, Rite Publishing's print publishing partner require a new cover design for the whole thing (part of my job), at a format of no more than 56 pages per adventure, 3 adventures for 168 pages in total. We get a special discount per book if we meet that standard.

    So it looks like Kaidan will be printed as a 168 page hardback in June 2011, with a release probably around GENCON time.

    I just completed the first adventure's page layout and it came out exactly at 56 pages for release in PDF this month. So at least we currently meet that format.

    Cubicle 7 is not a POD, rather the books are being printed in mass, though how many total, I am not sure at this time. Still it will be available for full distribution to at least the FLGS's at that time.

    I'm excited!

  4. gmikeyg
    Hi all,

    I am working on a new breed of game books for mobile platforms (think iPhone). I'm not sure that it is completely open, as we plan on being quality control for writing and game balance. At least for now.

    But in the future, if everything goes well, we may be able to make our tools available to all to create and distribute their own game books.

    I can't tell you everything about it, but it is a Choose Your Own Adventure style book with RPG elements. So there are character classes, powers, items, and monsters to fight. And there is the story that all this is built around.

    We are currently working with volunteer writers for the story portion of the game as the software is developed. We also need artists to illustrate the books.

    To learn more, you can go to .

    There aren't too many details right now, til our first game is released. But if you are interested in writing I can share our guidelines.

  5. pawsplay
    My Pathfinder races sourcebook is officially underway. I'm still writing, and still a way from full playtesting, but it's coming along.
  6. Relique du Madde
    Relique du Madde
    I am currently working on an app..

    I'm planning on having the following functionality within the first vesion:
    1) Modifier calculator based on Ability modifier + rank + misc modifier
    2) Standard Die roller. The modifier will be linked to the modifier calculator, although this link can be toggled off.
    3) The ability to make rolls vs DCs with having your level/degree of success/failure being calculated. (I know MM uses this, but I think it was mentioned elsewhere before they explicitly used the phrase "Degree of Success")

    I have some ideas for a second version... however, they would require me to contact GR to get digital licensing, so, I'm holding off on those ideas until I have a version 1 build up and running.
  7. Scurvy_Platypus
    Just noticed this group and poked my head in... so.... howdy!

    Projects.... I've several of them actually. And looking at Sanglorian's initial definition of "Open" (as laid out here:, this is how they're broken down:


    Project 1:
    A "full game" SRD. Not quite sure how to describe it otherwise. I'm basically taking a game originally done under the d20 STL, pulling the OGC mechanics from it, renaming things to avoid IP violation, and relying on SRD phrasing and my own for some of the other bits. This is then having the missing pieces "filled out" with SRD and OGC material. In a number of ways, it's a pretty big project and almost akin to designing half the game myself. Part of what's keeping it in control is the decision to make it a "true" SRD; by which I mean, pretty much leaving things as they are in terms of what I consider to be design flaws etc.

    Otherwise the temptation is to redesign the whole thing which is actually a whole seperate project.

    Status: Right now it's still in the stage of my revising entries and making sure I haven't left bits out. I've already made plans for ths project to go through a professional editor before it's officially released. Once I'm done with the entries and think everything is shipshape, I'll decide if I want to do a limited alpha release to make sure I haven't missed bits before revising it again and sending it onto the editor, or if I'll just ship straight to the editor. Once editorial changes and feedback are accounted for, it'll be released into the OGL wild.

    Project 2:
    A revision of Project 1, which revises things significantly. It'll rely on Project 1 as its main core (which itself is based off the BESMd20/Anime SRD rules) and be a "full" game as Project 1 is, but the game itself will be level-limited like E6 is; in this case I'm capping it at 10th level. The rules are for an egyptian-inspired game; that's "inspired setting" not "playing in an alternate egypt". Where Project 1 will look extremely familiar for the most part to people with experience in 3.x, Project 2 will be a definite divergence. It's my contribution to the "my perfect 3.x game" sort of design.

    Status: Moving along, sort of. Since it's relying on Project 1 for a core part, once Project 1 is complete, I'd say about 65%-75% of Project 2 will be complete as well. I already know most of the mechanics I'm going to be using, it'll be a matter of replacing those bits that I need to do. The setting material will be the major part left undone and it's what I'm working on concurrent with Project 1.

    Project 3
    A revision of the monster system in 3.x. You can get a basic idea of the direction I'm going by looking at Pathfinder's bit on monster creation here: I'm not using Pathfinder monsters or numbers, but that's in the direction I'm going.

    The goal is to create a system that's going to have much less overhead for a GM, be consistent, and be easy (or relatively so) for people to convert their favorite 3.x critters into. Creature creation should be possible, but it'll likely require more work on the part of the GM.

    As part of the project, the SRD critters will be converted over to the new system. It'd be nice to include other critters (for example, Tome of Horrors) but at this point it's not practical in part because of the work work involved and my other projects, and in part because of possible legal considerations and it possibly being viewed as a jerk move on my part.

    Status: Progressing slowly. I'm in the middle of still doing the number crunching to make sure that what I'm looking to do will actually work the way I want it to. I'm pretty sure it will broadly, but I want to make sure of the specifics. Once that's done, I'll think about the actual stat-block layout and then start the process of converting things over.

    Project 4:
    A full on game released under the OGL, based strictly on rolling a d20, no other dice. It'll probably rely on either Project 1 or Project 2 for some of the skeleton, but it definitely won't be mistaken in any way for a 3.x game; at least not as I'm currently envisioning it.

    It's basically my homage to some of the crazy kitchen-sink apoc/semi-apoc/post-apoc games that came out in the 80's and 90's. There's some crazy awesomeness in them, but their systems are definitely a relic of when they were designed. I want to capture some of that awesome, but with a system that's a bit more in line with some of my more modern sensibilities. Plus, there's a real lack of Open Game options when it comes to having a kitchen-sink apoc/semi-apoc/post-apoc game.

    In this case I'm talking about magic and/or psionics, cyberwear, power armour, ninjas, samurai, maybe even angels and/or demons... I want to try and get that goofy and totally gonzo game that takes itself (mostly) serious.

    Status: Planning stages. I've some scattered notes on it, but it's currently just used as a way to occupy myself when I can't get the mind to quite down but don't really feel like focusing on my current projects.

    The setting material for Project 2. I'm not planning on doing the extensive world-building that so many people love. I find it personally irksome and most GMs love world-building anyway, so I might as well let them do it; it'll save myself effort and them having to ignore stuff. This will be released under the CC license, similar to Eclipse Phase. I don't plan on messing around with art, since I don't plan on making money on this.

    I suppose there's the possibility of my doing up some setting material for Project 1, but I'm not really committed to it. My primary idea was to sketch out a page or two and release it under CC also; the majority of the "setting" would be more implied setting in the rules than anything.

    Why all the projects?
    I've got different interests and the projects themselves are rather involved. By moving between them, I help to avoid burn-out; I spend a lot of time thinking about these things and want to make sure I actually complete them.

    Why all the work and giving everything away?
    Because I'm a hobbyist. I also miss the amount of content creation ("homebrew" and DIY) that seemed to go on in the hobby, compared to the apparent focus on content consumption. I want to contribute to a hobby I greatly enjoy and want others to be able to enjoy what I've created and I want to show that "non-professionals" really can contribute good looking material and product. So I'm trying to treat the projects as "professional" products, but being done by me on a shoestring budget. I may or may not put up some sort of donation button or something, or possibly even give an option to "buy" them on rpgnow. But the heart of it for me is to make something cool, share it with people, and make sure they don't _have_ to pay for it.

    And if I occasionally dream that some company might like it enough to want to publish it? Well, everyone dreams . But mine involves them saying, "Sure" when I say, "It'd be groovy to be published, but I'd still like an option for folks to have this for free."
  8. pawsplay
    Ok, I have a new project underway, although it's still in the spitballing stage. I'm looking at a d20-based space operatic game, probably using BESM d20 as a core. The inspiration game to me very rapidly, and now I'm trying to sort out in my head how to approach the project and make it work. I feel inspired!
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