1. A flannel shirt
    I have enough of these types of threads and posts around. We need more players.

    The original post is here:

  2. SpydersWebbing
    Hello, I'm interested. I'm in Joliet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  3. PhilShamrock
    I'm in joliet, and have been looking for a game for a while now. Haven't played much since my core group split up years ago. My days are kind of messed up when I can play depending on the day and what days I can find a babysitter. I'm currently off work sun-mon-tues. all other days I work second shift.
  4. A flannel shirt
    Welcome aboard.

    Our games are mostly on Saturdays. But we can move to Sundays if we can get more players.

    As per your other post we are not playing Pathfinder. I can get you touch with some folks that are or you can play in one of our games. Our group is at an cross roads at this moment. I myself am tired of playing Star Wars and want to play other games, however I seem to be the only one.

    The website for the group is here:


    I also wouldn't mind starting up a group of Pathfinder even though it isn't high on my list.
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