1. flerith
    What caused the death of the world?

    How was it orchestrated?

    Who is behind this?
  2. flerith
    It seems that civilization was the target as a couple of cities bear similar wounds.

    Both had scorch marks in the heart of the city, one centered on the Inn, the other a town square.

    The land around the cities are dead, with rotten fruits, wilted dead plants, and sulferous rain. In towns w/o scorch marks there is still signs of damage as windows are shattered.

    When the event occured many just fell over, their lives snuffed out.

    It appears that the dead zone goes on for days around the cities. We discovered an area between the cities that showed the outer edge of the zone to be circular in shape. It also appeards that the Dragonborn are driven mad by the whatever happened.

    At the moment of the event an Opera had reached it's creshendo and an assassin was killed on stage.
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